Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Month at Twentynine Palms

A quick update on our current location: We are at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, Texas and plan to stay here for an extended period of time this year. My brother in law, Larry Clark has leukemia and we are helping with logistics to get him to doctors and chemo treatments. Kathi and I are also scheduled to see doctors and dentists in the near future. Some of them I have been putting off while we traveled and now it is time to catch up with my health evaluation.

It has been mostly Texas winter weather the last week – cool and damp. Taking pictures has not been fun since the sky seems to be overcast every day. I heard Al gore was giving us a break soon and allowing some sunshine. I’m ready for it.

Meanwhile I will continue our story about our 2004 travels. We arrived at Twentynine Palms, California on July 29th and stayed a month to be around the Marine base while our son, Christopher was in town. During the month we made several excursions around the area, including a weekend trip to Las Vegas on August 8, 2004. We left our motorhome in 29 and made a pleasant drive from Twentynine Palms east on California 62, then north on U.S 95 straight into Las Vegas and almost no traffic the entire route. We made a whirlwind trip, staying up late each night and getting up early each morning. Christopher had a one week vacation, but we only spent three days in Las Vegas to conserve our funds. Kathi got ahead a few times, but nothing sustainable. Kathi and I were glad just to spend some time with Christopher before his next deployment, which would be to Iraq.

We spent the rest of his vacation in the motorhome watching “West Wing” and “Stargate” episodes I had recorded to video tape to save for Christopher. Kathi was probably bored, but she did not complain. When vacation time was over, we took Christopher back to the base and saw very little of him for the next few weeks. He was busy training with some British soldiers on a new artillery piece.

We felt lucky to have some rain to cool things for a few days, but when the rain stopped, it was hot every day – up to 85 degrees inside the RV in the daytime and near ten pm before it got cool enough to sleep. We said good bye to Christopher and all the young Marines we had met and finally left 29 on August 26th headed for an Escapees RV park in Coarsegold, California.

Our Alfa RV has basement air conditioning, which a lot of people do not like. We like it because it is not as noisy as roof air. The problem with basement air is that the cool air stays below waist level on hot days when the sun hits the roof of our RV. After that summer, we started looking for another option to lower the temperature inside the RV, in case we got caught in hot summer weather again. Our first option for summer is the Oregon coast with sixty degree highs during the summer months. We purchased a supplementary air conditioner for the summers we cannot get to Oregon. We have grown to appreciate our Edgestar AP 12000 S supplemental air conditioner. It helps cool our RV and our temperament during summer weather and will make July and August more pleasant in Texas this year.

Go to to see the murals at 29 Palms. We took our own pictures of these murals in Twentynine Palms, but our pictures did not turn out. Either a bad disposable camera or a film processing error

Our portable air conditioner has been a life saver. It vents out a window.

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