Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Day

Kathi and I spent New Year’s Eve afternoon taking her stepfather, Jim to lunch and visiting. We ate at Casa Anita’s in the shopping center on the south side of Fairmont near where it crosses Highway 146 in La Porte. Their Mexican food came highly recommended and I enjoyed my quesadilla’s very much. Kathi had huge spinach enchiladas and Jim ate a salad. There was nothing left on the table, so the food was enjoyed by all of us. I did leave with a little salsa on my shirt, but it did not look too bad since I usually wear a salsa colored shirt when I go for Mexican food.

After lunch, we all went over to visit her brother Larry at his home. Larry got out of the hospital Tuesday afternoon and has to go in to see his oncologist next Tuesday. They will do a blood test to assure he stays in remission from leukemia and if his blood work indicates continued improvement, he goes back home. If not, it’s back to the hospital for five more days of chemotherapy. We all have our fingers crossed and good thoughts for him in our hearts.

Kathi and I spent New Year’s Eve nighttime at home watching TV. Kathi fell asleep just after we heard the midnight fireworks. I watched “Silverado” again and an episode of Hugh O’Brien in his Wyatt Earp series. I guess it was boring, because I soon fell asleep myself.

We both woke up about six this morning with no hangovers and raring to meet the new year. Well, maybe not raring, but at least interested in and happy for the opportunity to live another year. We spent a lazy morning having coffee and relaxing while catching up on the abbreviated holiday news.

A calico cat that lives in the neighborhood.

How about a cold duck?

Wet ducks

One duck is doing a turkey imitation.

It was cold and damp outside all day. We saw ducks huddling to fend off the cool temperature and misting rain. We went to Walmart in the afternoon and picked up a few things, then Kathi came home to make some vegetable beef soup to take to Larry tomorrow. The soup is simmering now. Lunch was ham, black eyed peas and cabbage. As usual, I skipped the cabbage. I do not know what this tradition is about, but BE peas and cabbage seem to be our normal fare for New Year’s Day.

I want to wish everyone a happy and blessed new year. And many more. 

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