Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Oh, Happy Day

Tuesday in Dickinson and oh, what a beautiful day. The sun was shining and I was glad to have an excuse to get out for a while. We picked up our Jeep from Maaco yesterday and it looks new again. Accolades to Maaco for doing a fine job with the paint and minor repairs. I highly recommend the location on Spencer Highway in Pasadena. It is hard to imagine how just painting the hood and the bumpers can influence how I view the vehicle.

We drove down Caroline Street in Dickinson and the horses that live under the power lines were near the fence, so I got an opportunity to take some horse pictures. I see no signs that the power lines affect the horses’ health, but you never know. They may all be sterile, but I could not tell from the street. Incidentally, last week when it was cold there were two horses wearing sweaters standing in the front yard of a house across the street from the RV park. They were standing together out of the wind and still looked cold. I looked for them, but did not see them today.

Kathi made Spanish rice last night and gave me a taste (two bowls full). I always love it. She filled a couple of containers to take to her brother and his family – they seem to enjoy it also, although I am sure not as much as I do. Again I am puzzled by why her Spanish rice contains the same sauce as her Italian spaghetti. I really do not care what we call it, both dishes are scrumptious. Since Kathi’s ancestry is Choctaw and English, I am assuming she is just without prejudice in the kitchen.

After delivering lunch, we drove by Love’s on Highway 225 to see how difficult it is to get in and out of when we need diesel for our motorhome. The Love’s station is at the corner of 225 and Independence Parkway. It was a madhouse. There were at least thirty semi-trucks at the station and probably twenty cars. There was so much vehicular movement in the parking lot and the street that it is not worth the drive over to get diesel. The kicker was the price of diesel at this Loves station was forty cents higher than the prices in Dickinson and with a 100 gallon tank, that becomes real money in a hurry.

My next post I will discuss our trip to the Grand Canyon before we bought our motorhome.

Shiney new paint job on the hood of our Jeep.

The bumper looks better, also.

Pretty horses under the power lines.

The grass is not much greener outside of
the fence.

Rudy's on Highway 45 in League City. Fry's Electronics is in the background.

Working on our TV A/B switch.


  1. Woohoo! The Jeep looks soooo good. I am happy for you and can just feel how pleased you are. I love that keep so it is like getting a new car. Congrats folks.

  2. AJ,
    Thanks for the comments. The Jeep is much better to look at now.