Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our LA Story

As a reminder, Kathi and I are currently staying in the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, Texas. Yesterday it was cool and sunny and today it is cool and overcast. We are expecting a freeze tonight, so I filled our tank with water, just in case the water pipes are frozen in the morning. That has not been much of a problem in Texas until Al Gore started controlling the weather. My brother in law, Larry Clark goes back into Methodist Hospital in the morning for five more days of chemo, as part of his ongoing leukemia treatment. I go to the dentist for a crown and another crown prep tomorrow.

While we are staying in Dickinson, I have been discussing our 2004 travels. This is a continuation of the California portion of our 2004 trip. For the period of July 12 through July 21, 2004 our Alfa RV was in the Alfa Factory repair shop. Today I am going to tell you some of the things we did while waiting. Since we did not have access to our motorhome during this time, we were staying in a motel and eating out every meal. I like to watch TV, but it is very difficult to watch TV for very long in a hotel room – the furniture is just too uncomfortable.

Every day after breakfast, we drove by the Alfa factory to check progress on our motorhome repairs. For four days in a row we were disappointed, then elated when it finally moved. It turns out the elation was premature, as they were nowhere near being through with the work.

I did not mention in my previous post about traveling to Chino, California that the tow bar which pulls the car behind our motorhome broke. We were lost and in a residential neighborhood at the time. We were going downhill when the tow bar broke and our car banged into the back of the Alfa. Very little damage, but a lot of aggravation. While our Alfa was in the shop, we found a Blue Ox dealer and Blue Ox agreed to replace our broken tow bar for free, if we paid the freight charges, which we readily agreed to do. I like the Blue Ox Aladdin and we used it for several more years. We have always been happy with Blue Ox towing equipment and most of the failures in the products we owned were due to driver error. Since Kathi refuses to drive, I guess that means me.

While Alfa was in the shop, we saw Spiderman 2 and The Terminal. We do not see many movies anymore. There is seldom any we want to see and they have clamped down on the buttered popcorn. It was no longer worth our money to watch Hollywood people’s hate-filled diatribes about people that do not agree with them politically.

Within two days we had seen all the great landscaping and gorgeous homes in the immediate area, so we decided to branch out a little more. We drove into the Angeles Forest and saw a couple of ski resorts. Kathi told me she would hate to drive on those winding roads when the ground was covered with snow. I agreed with her, but at that time snow was not the problem. In July in California, there were fires all over the area. We smelled smoke or saw smoke all around the forest.

We took one day to brave the traffic for the forty mile drive into Los Angeles. Some of those highways have six lanes in each direction and they are packed with cars going seventy plus mph, weaving around the mountains. Very interesting. If I had known where I was going it might not have been so bad, but there were so many curves I lost my “dead reckoning” sense. I never knew what lane to be in, so I usually stayed near the middle of the road. We did manage to see the Hollywood sign on the hill and actually got to Hollywood. We saw Graumanns’s Chinese Theater, the Kodak Center, Paramount Studios and all the stars on the sidewalk. It was a nice experience, but we found everything in Hollywood more seedy than glamorous. I would like to say more, but I got out of town faster than I came in. I saw nothing there for me, but in retrospect Kathi would probably have liked to have stayed longer until she searched out the glamour. Maybe next time.

Next Stop 29 Palms.

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