Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday in Dickinson

Kathi and I have spent the day inside. A few weeks ago I discovered I neglected to scan a lot of our photos into our computer, so I have been doing some catch up on scanning. I will not try to do all of them at once, because it is too time consuming and I like to do other things to break up the monotony. One thing I realize every time I look at old pictures is that we have a lot of family members we have not seen in a long time. In fact, a lot of the pictures I saw looked like strangers. Kathi will help me with identifications later.

Our Jeep is at the Maaco shop on Spencer Highway in Pasadena. We asked for an estimate to paint the Jeep and the estimator told us that was not necessary, because most of the original paint was still good. We thanked him for his honesty. They are painting out hood and both bumpers.

 The paint has been off the hood for several years and Kathi always hated the do-it-yourself paint job I did with a spray can from Walmart. I thought it looked passable, but I was probably influenced by my wallet. I think the original problem with paint deterioration on the hood was the high temperatures generated by the exhaust of our motorhome. Kathi also wants to redirect the exhaust away from the back of the motorhome and vent to the side, which is a good idea. I am using the same wallet excuse and I think she is getting ready to help me out. I would take her cash gladly, but this may not be what she has in mind when she says “…help you out.” I eventually get around to everything, I just have a different schedule than is often desirable by my dear Kathi.

When we put our Jeep in the shop we called Enterprise Rent a Car. As we were driving to the rental car location on Beltway 8, the lady told us we would need a driver’s license, proof of insurance, a utility bill stub and proof that we paid our rent last month. We explained that the request seemed unusual and assured her we have never had to do that to get a rental car in the past, but she was unmoved by our pleas. Since we do not normally carry several of those items when we go to an auto shop we asked her to make a U-turn and drop us back at Maaco, so we could make other arrangements.

I checked the bus service and found out we still do not have buses in Pasadena, Deer Park and La Porte. Oh, well. Kathi called Hertz that has a rental location at the Monument Chevrolet dealership on the Pasadena Freeway. They had the usual requirements and we drove away in a Malibu within an hour of calling for a ride. We asked for a full size car and the Malibu is what they gave us. My feeling is that Malibu is only full size for rental charges – but we needed a ride. I have a long upper body (a little wide, also) so I put on a show every time I get in. If I sit on the seat first, my head will not go through the door, so I have to lean over, stick my head in swivel my hips (oof) and crawfish my tail into the seat. I want my Jeep back and we will finally get it back on Monday morning. I can hardly wait.

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