Friday, January 16, 2015

There Be Sunshine

I woke up to a beautiful day in Dickinson, Texas today. After over a week of overcast and wet, we had a day with full sunshine. Yesterday we had a hint of sunshine, but today is great.

Kathi and I took her brother, Larry to Methodist hospital yesterday morning for a blood test. We waited for test results and his doctor’s permission to take him back home. Larry passed his blood test and away we went. We sat and talked with Larry for a while at his home after leaving the hospital. On the drive home from Larry’s house, I thought everything was going great, then Kathi started getting stomach cramps. She spent the rest of the afternoon, evening and this morning in bed with low fever and body aches. She does seem some better today than yesterday.

We needed a few things at the grocery store and since Kathi was not feeling well, she let me go to the grocery store alone. I went to the new H.E.B. on League City Parkway. I was low on gas, so I pulled up to a pump on the way to grocery shopping and the gas pump offered me a car wash for a reasonable price, so I opted in. When I got to the car wash and got in line there were two cars ahead of me and one being washed. By the time I got on the wash rack, it looked like a parade behind me. Each wash was taking ten to twelve minutes, so I called Kathi and told her my quick trip to the store was going to be longer than anticipated

All the other cars I saw looked like they just came out of the garage and they were going to the car wash anyway, so I assume everyone was enjoying the sunshine. Our Jeep looked like a ball of mud, as it often does, and that is why we bought a dirt colored Jeep. It is “Trail Rated”. I took that to mean it is supposed to look dirty.

On the way home I paid particular attention to the golf course here at Green Caye Village. The ditches were still full of water so I anticipated there would still be some water on the golf course, but I saw no standing water. There was only one golfer on the course. I checked to see if he was wearing white rubber boots, since I hear they are popular in this area. He was wearing regular golf shoes, so I knew right away he was an optimist. Him being the only one of his foursome to show up made me think his pals were not as optimistic.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine as much as I am. My next post will be about our trip to Yosemite in 2004.

HEB gas islands. Excitement everywhere.

The long driveway to the car wash

Car wash prices and fire extinguisher

Services you can actually read

More excitement than you can imagine

The Green Caye Golf course clubhouse. This is a nine hole course on Caroline Street in Dickinson. The owner takes good care of the property. We have been staying at their RV Park each winter for about six years.


  1. Our 2014 Jeep has a Trail Rated sticker too and it's white. I think the stickers mean that our Jeeps incude a particular package of equipment. No I don't know what equipment. Stuff that might help us get down a trail? :-)

    1. I seem to remember something about Trail Rated and an equipment package, now that you mention it. Thanks for reading my travel blog.

    2. I looked up "Trail Rated" on the Jeep website and found out that Jeep
      4 X 4 vehicles are tested on the Rubicon Trail in South Lake Tahoe, CA. They are evaluated for traction, water fording, maneuverability, articulation and ground clearance.

    3. "Trail rated" means your vehicle is supposed to be dirty? I like the way you think. If we ever play FUN WITH DEDUCTIONS I want you on my team.
      . . I am enjoying the sunshine too. It has been overcast and dismal here in Austin for about a week so this beautiful sunshine is a welcome change. Still, please do not make me play golf.

    4. I wrote my comment and chose to put my name and URL rather than my name and my Google account. That made my avatar photo disappear but if you click on the one without the photo it takes you to mu blog-AJ