Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Back Home

Kathi and I drove back to Dickinson from Austin this morning. We had a great couple of days with our son, AJ. Eating out, grocery shopping, refrigerator repair and just catching up is always fun. We usually talk to him several times a day, so we are never out of contact, but it is fun to see each other face to face. It is the only way to get a hug.

We took the US 290 toll road out of Austin. The toll road part only lasts about five miles and saves about four red lights and a lot of traffic, so it was worth the $2.00 or so it cost to ride. I do not have a TxTag, so they send me a bill in the mail. I could save money on each trip on the toll road, but it would end up costing me more because I would be tempted to ride the toll roads in Houston, also. I normally drive on feeder streets and avoid toll roads. It is time consuming, but I am retired so, who cares. We were ready to get out of town this morning and the toll road was our quickest option.

We spent one night in Super 8 and one night in Best Western. Best Western was tremendously better. We have never had a bad night in a Best Western hotel. We slept both nights in a king size bed and Kathi was so far away from me. We have a queen bed in our motorhome and we rub elbows all night long. I missed being touched, so I reached out to her until my shoulder started to ache, then I fell asleep. We were up at five this morning to go to Starbucks for coffee and picked AJ up early for another quick trip to the grocery before leaving town.

It is nice to be back home with our own bed, bathroom and DVR. I could not hear the TV in the hotel room without waking the neighbors, so I watched people pantomime. Home is better.

We had a little rain coming into Houston and moving east on Highway 225. I felt sorry for people walking the picket line in the rain as I passed Shell. I hope they get the issues worked out with the oil companies soon, so people can get back to work. We have way too many people out of work in the country as it is.

Kathi's pineapple upside down cake was delicious.

Buckees gave me coffee and kolaches coming and going.

AJ standing by our newly painted Jeep hood. AJ is 6'7".

Snapdragons at the corner of League City Parkway and South Shore Harbor Drive.


  1. You have to be careful. You never know where your photo will end up. My mother will not even let me take out her photo, even though I just want a recent one for myself. I understand her trepidation, and obviously like her cooking. It was a great visit in Austin but I have been missing the west coast for a while now. The Jeep looks very nice.