Friday, February 20, 2015

Lake Tahoe

Before I get into our story about Lake Tahoe, I would like to remind readers that we are staying in Dickinson, Texas for a long period of time this year because my brother-in-law, Larry Clark is recovering from Leukemia. He is back in the hospital with a C. difficile infection, so he is taking two antibiotics, blood and platelets along with the feeding solution he is taking while a bowel obstruction subsides. He is very sick and getting great care at Methodist Hospital.

Back to 2003. Seeing AJ in San Francisco was great and tours of San Francisco, the coastal areas around San Francisco and farmland to the immediate north of the city was an unforgettable adventure. We enjoyed the vineyards and wineries in the Napa and Sonoma valleys and bought some wine to deliver to friends back in Texas. Kathi and I tried several of the wines, but we are just not wine aficionados.

Our son, AJ on the coast in San Francisco.

Waves splashing on the rocks in the Pacific Ocean.

On October 27, 2003, we left the fertile fields around Petaluma, California and headed east through Sacramento, across the Sierra-Nevada Mountains through the Donner Pass and on to South Lake Tahoe, California. We got into town about dark and checked into the Tahoe Valley Campground. There were only two other trailers in the park and we found out it was the end of the season for them and they would close as the end of the month for winter. There were a lot of big trees in the park, mostly pine I think. We could not get a TV signal with our built in satellite dish, so I had to hook up our portable dish in the dark. Did I mention a lot of big trees? I had to use 140 feet of coaxial cable to find an open space in the southern sky to allow us to get a TV signal. We got settled in for the evening and relished the idea of being RV travelers once again. 

A vineyard in the Napa Valley.
The next morning we took a drive around Lake Tahoe, The Lake is about 20 miles long and 10 miles wide at the widest point. It took us about four hours to get around.  Every spot we were able to pull over and take pictures, we did so. There were not nearly enough pullouts to get a good grasp of the beauty around this lake. It is another adventure we will not forget, but I do wish we had taken time to drive around one of the little lakeside communities to see their boat docks and piers.

Lake Tahoe

A view from a pullout on Lake Tahoe

Another view of the lake

More trees and more Lake Tahoe
The California-Nevada state line runs through Lake Tahoe and north east of South Lake Tahoe is a little community called Stateline, Nevada. As far as I can tell there is actually no town called Lake Tahoe, Nevada, even though I know you can fly into the Lake Tahoe airport and can book hotels in Lake Tahoe. We spent a few hours at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe in Stateline on Stateline Avenue. What fun.

The next morning we were ready to move along to Lone Pine and I am glad we did. A blizzard came through South Lake Tahoe the evening after we left.

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