Sunday, February 1, 2015

Quickie Trip To Austin

My brother-in-law, Larry Clark is still in remission from his Leukemia. His immediate problem is that he is too weak for a bone marrow transplant, so we are working to build up his strength. Nothing he eats tastes good and his doctor told him that he must eat anyway. He may live off of milkshakes for the next few weeks.

His daughter, Amy is in town for two more weeks and she has been a real help to Larry and Andrea. Kathi and I took advantage of Amy’s presence to make a quick trip to Austin to see our oldest son, AJ. We left our motorhome in Dickinson at 9:45 am and arrived in Austin about 2:00 pm. Our only stop was Buckees in Giddings. Kathi made me eat two cheese and sausage kolaches and she had a cranberry muffin. She claims her muffins are better, but she ate the Buckee’s version rather handily.

We had a room reserved at the Super 8 in the 5500 block of I-35 in Austin, but our room was not ready when we arrived. We told them we would be back to check in later and went to pick up AJ for lunch. We went to Rudy’s Barbecue on the Capital of Texas highway in Austin and had a great lunch in the open air section of the restaurant. AJ and I always make sandwiches out of the extra moist brisket and Kathi gets the extra lean brisket. We had a few slices of brisket left over and we packed them in a bag for AJ.

Next I drove Kathi and AJ to the Walmart store in Sunset Valley to buy a few groceries. Sunset Valley is a little community completely surrounded by Austin and on the outskirts of downtown Austin on the southeast side. The population of Sunset Valley is 684 people, according to the city limits sign. I sat in the car for about half an hour contemplating what to do with the rest of my life. Before I could decide, Kathi and AJ arrived with a cart full of groceries. We drove AJ back home and unloaded the groceries and took them to his apartment. Kathi and I went to check in to the hotel and left AJ holding the bag. He had a lot of groceries to put away.

AJ had a chair propped against his refrigerator door to keep it closed. I opened the door to find out why the refrigerator door would not stay closed on it’s own. I realized the seal had come loose from the door and was stuck magnetically to the refrigerator. About that time I realized he had told us about the problem a few weeks earlier and it was far back in my memory, so recall was a little slow. That is one of our projects for tomorrow.

We got back to Super 8 to check in and a different person was at the desk. Kathi had reserved a room with a king size bed and the desk person told her they had no rooms with king size beds. It took about ten minutes discussion for Kathi to get what she wanted and I am glad I stayed in the car. Kathi said the desk clerk was very rude. We walked to the elevator and a lot of things appeared to be in disarray and dirty. We got in the elevator to come up and it was a mess and also sounded like it had some mechanical problems. Kathi agreed to stay tonight, but the first thing she did when she got in the room was contact the Best Western a few miles south of us and reserved a room for tomorrow night. We may lose the cost of one day at Super 8, but Super 8 lost our business forever.

Industry on Lady Bird Lake

A view of downtown Austin

State Capitol Building looking north down Congress Street

Ducks on Lady Bird Lake
A view of downtown Austin looking north across Lady Bird Lake


  1. It was great seeing you guys today. I am glad you came to Austin but more and more I miss San Francisco. I have a feeling it is going to be a good year. Larry getting well and having a strong recovery would be the biggest gift. I am up at 4:45 am because I am doing some research for a novel. I hope some of it inspires or is at least helpful. I was looking at some of the songs I wrote that are part of this story. I think back and there were days I was learning music theory and wrote two, even three songs in day. Sorry to hear the Super 8 was less than super.

  2. I enjoy your writings. We stayed at Super 8 twice.
    1st. and last. That was also before we bought our motorhome.

  3. Tom, I am glad that you enjoy the blog. Super 8 has lost our business, also.