Saturday, February 14, 2015


Just a quick note on our current situation. We are staying in Texas most of this year taking care of family. While we are here, I have been posting about our previous travels. I will continue those stories next week. Today we are going to the hospital.

My brother in law, Larry Clark has had a setback in his quest to rid himself of leukemia. He had chemotherapy about six weeks ago and has been in the process of building up his strength for a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, this week he developed an infection in his bowels and is off solid food until the infection is cleared up. He is extremely weak and readmitted to Methodist hospital for the near term.

More later when I find out anything new. Hopefully some good news will come soon.

I have several other friends also suffering family illnesses. Special good thought to Hubert, Tom and Gilbert and their families.