Thursday, February 5, 2015

Three Week Trip

I retired from Shell Chemical Company in June 2003 with plans to sell our house and buy a motorhome and travel the USA. Soon after my retirement, Mom had a stroke and she died on June 30th. We felt the need to get away for a while to relieve some stress, so we decided to hold off on buying the motorhome and travel staying in hotels and motels. We headed out on a three week trip across Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. Everything about the trip is a blur in my mind. I still had not processed my retirement or Mom’s death.

I laid out the clothes and toiletries I would need and Kathi packed everything for traveling. She decided she had to have her own pillows and blanket, so I placed those in the car, also. Then we were ready to hit the road. The result of Kathi having her own bedding made every motel stop a chore. It meant at least two trips from the car to the motel room and sometimes three. Remember it was July and neither of us enjoy the heat. We finally got to Flagstaff, Arizona which we would use as a home base to drive to the Grand Canyon. I looked at maps and literature and thought I would like to view the canyon from the north rim because it offered a higher elevation for viewing. I realized it would add another week to the trip.

The trip from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon National Park was about seventy five miles. The signs we saw advertising the few restaurants along the trip put an emphasis on buffalo burgers, buffalo steak and fry bread. I like beef and I did not see any need to change my diet to include buffalo and fry bread was a new term for me. I still have not tried it, but I understand it is delicious and fattening.

As everyone knows, the Grand Canyon is a spectacular place to visit. We missed a lot of the great sights because the few walking trips we took wore us out in the heat, so most of what we saw was from the car at pullouts along the park roads. Even with those limitations we saw enough to be mesmerized by the views of the canyon. We even saw people walking out to the precipice of some of the ledges and I felt a twinge just watching them. My fear of heights seems to be more pronounced the older I get. It may have something to do with the vision I have of me bursting open at the bottom of a fall. I wish I could say that was enough to help me lose weight, but it is not.

We decided going to the north rim would be a waste of our time in the heat. We also agreed that we would like to return to the Grand Canyon in a cooler time of the year. That is still on the agenda somewhere down the line, but no immediate plans. After a two day stay in Flagstaff we headed back home.

In my next post I will discuss preparation to sell the house and move into an RV.

See the people on the ledge in the top center

Beautiful sights

Pictures really do not show how big this canyon actually is.

I love this view.

Unusual rock formations

Strata in the rocks is amazing.

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