Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cracker Barrel

A reminder to readers of the blog: Kathi and I have been traveling in our RV since the summer of 2003. For the last few years we have spent end of year holidays in Texas with family, followed by doctor and dental appointments for annual checkups. We normally get blood tests done every six months while on the road and have results sent to our doctors for review. We have been spending summers on the Oregon Coast boondocking in casino parking lots.

This year we had some family business to take care of and Kathi’s brother Larry Clark has Leukemia, so we are staying close to support his family and help him overcome the Leukemia treatment. We are currently staying at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, Texas. While we are stationary I have been posting stories of previous RV adventures. Today’s post is current time.

My sister Carol and her husband Lloyd are also staying at Green Caye. They are also busy with four grandchildren and we try to get together when we can to catch up on family events.

Last Saturday Carol, Lloyd, Kathi and I ate at Cracker Barrel on I-45 South. Kathi and I have eaten at so many Cracker Barrel’s across the country that we know the menu by heart – at least what we like to eat on their menu. Carol does not care for Cracker Barrel, but it was Lloyd’s turn to choose a restaurant and he chose one they have not been to for a while.

The Cracker Barrel was packed and we had to wait about ½ hour before being seated. That gave us plenty of time to browse the country store. Then, we were finally called to a table and placed our orders. Carol had baked fish, Lloyd had chopped steak, Kathi had roast beef and I had the country fried steak. I had corn, green beans and mashed potatoes for side orders.

In my opinion, everything was okay, but not great. That is possibly because I have eaten there too often and it may be more about me than it is about them. One thing that was definitely different was the green beans. For years Cracker Barrel green beans have had a bacon grease flavor and for the first time, the ones on Saturday did not.

We enjoyed lunch and enjoyed the conversation.

The last time the four of us were together was at their 50th wedding anniversary party. Lloyd has a large family and some of them we have not seen since the wedding 50 years ago. The party was hosted by their youngest son, Cameron and his wife Carey. The get together was well-attended and made a fun outing.

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Cracker Barrel front porch
Flowers in front

Rocking chairs for sale.

Specialty Rocking Chairs
Merchandise inside country store

Animal figures and dolls

Dresses for little girls


  1. While traveling Cracker Barrel is always our favorite stop. None along the route on our way from Canada to the southwest last Fall so it has been nearly a year or more since we have stopped at one. Looking forward to a couple Cracker Barrel stops on our route back to Canada shortly...........

  2. Thanks, for the Comment, Al. Have a safe trip back to your home in Canada. Cracker Barrel will be happy to serve you again.