Saturday, March 14, 2015

Klamath Falls

We spent most of July, August and half of September of 2004 in California making several trips between Twentynine Palms and San Francisco visiting our two sons. In the middle of September, it was getting close to the cutoff time to return to the Houston, Texas area, if we were going to be there by Thanksgiving. Kathi’s mother was still living at the time and Kathi liked to be home with her mother during the holidays.

At the time I was not sure if we would be back in the northern California and southern Oregon area in the near future and I wanted to see the falls in Klamath Falls, Oregon. So I talked Kathi into a small diversion. Before we sold our house we had a next door neighbor that had worked for a paper company as a fire fighter in the Klamath forest. He made the place sound breathtaking and since we both enjoy water falls, we did made the diversion north from the San Francisco Area to stop by Klamath Falls before returning to Texas.

We arrived at the Mountain Gate RV Park in Redding, California on September 14th. We got set up in their park and found our roof top Motosat internet satellite dish would not pick up the internet because we had a tree between us and the satellite. The RV Park manager let us move to another space that was free of trees and in the glare of the sun. It was obvious we were no longer in the Bay Area, because it was hot.

The drive to Redding was beautiful with lots of evergreen trees along the route. While we were in Redding, we took a drive to see Lake Shasta and the Lake Shasta Dam. Lake Shasta appeared turquoise in color and was surrounded by green mountains and covered with a clear blue sky. A great sight to see.

On September 17th we had another beautiful drive with a lot of green mountains and winding roads with streams alongside. We finally got to Klamath Falls and stayed at the Klamath Falls KOA. It turns out the Klamath Falls is on the Klamath River south of the Upper Klamath Lake and not in the Klamath National Forest, which  is about fifty miles to the west of Klamath Falls.

We were disappointed about missing the forest, but thought we would see the waterfalls anyway and asked around trying to find them. Most of the people we asked did not know what we were talking about. It turned out the falls had been moved out of town and up the river. The locals were really not interested in them. Not to be deterred, we went north to find the falls. It appeared to us to be more like river rapids than falls, but who cares. We got to see some sights to remember.

Unfortunately this was soon after I lost my camera near the General Sherman Tree in the Sequoia National Forest, so I have no pictures to share of Redding, Lake Shasta or Klamath Falls. Hopefully we will make it back there some day and get a second chance for some photos.

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