Friday, March 6, 2015


Many RV travelers refer to their tow vehicles as Toads. I normally do not use this terminology, but it may seem appropriate for the next two posts. When I retired from Shell Chemical Company in June 2003, I had a Chevy pickup truck and Kathi drove a Chevy Cavalier. After we bought our motorhome there was no way we could keep three vehicles, so since the motorhome was now our home it had to stay for sure. The Cavalier was towable and light, so it made sense to keep it as our tow vehicle.

I really loved my red truck and had driven it for several years and it was paid for. So for a lot of reason I hated to get rid of it. Mostly I loved to drive it, because it fit me. When I got into the truck I stepped up and when I exited the truck, I stepped down. There was plenty of room in the cab for Kathi and I, so when we drove, the truck was our preferred vehicle. I hated to let it go, but it had to go.

Two of our previous vehicles stayed around a long time, so it did not surprise anyone that I had an attachment for my truck. I had a red Volkswagen Beetle that I drove for fifteen years and we had a red Ford Pinto we drove for almost the same period of time. I still get a lot of kidding from my youngest son Chris about the Pinto. I guess he did not appreciate it as much as I did. We did not put a lot of mileage on our vehicles since we used them to get to and from work and taking kids to various events. It appears that all my favorite vehicles were red, but we did have a white Volkswagon, a white Buick and a Black Ford Crown Victoria. I liked all of them but the red ones stand out in my mind. Kathi would not consider a red RV.

We sold my pretty red Chevrolet pickup truck to our nephew, Wes for $500. We knew it was worth more, but we needed to get rid of it and he needed something to drive, so the deal was done. A few days later we got a call from Wes and he had taken the truck to get a new inspection sticker and it failed inspection. It did not seem right for Kathi and I to sell a truck that could not pass inspection, so he brought the truck back to me to get the problem solved.

I took the truck to McBroom’s Garage on Center St. in Deer Park and found it needed a new catalytic convertor. I always appreciated the quality of work at McBroom’s, but I also thought the prices were too high. But things had to progress, so we could hit the road. There were a couple of other small charges for incidental things and the bill came to near $600. In other words, it cost us about $100 to sell our truck. Since we were full time RV travelers, we put those kind of incidental thought out of our mind and hit the road towing our Cavalier.

Do not miss my next post “Adventures of a Toad”. You will love it.

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