Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wendover and West Wendover

On October 11, 2004, we left the Winnemucca RV Park in Nevada and headed east on I-80 on a pleasant drive to the Wendover Nugget RV Park in Wendover, Utah. October has a lot of great weather in most of the country and the driving weather for this journey was no exception. The trip was about 225 miles. Checking in to this RV Park was interesting. You had to go to the hotel cashier upstairs at the Wendover Nugget Casino Hotel to check into the RV Park. The RV Park was owned by a different company, so they would only accept cash for RV parking. The first night was free and subsequent nights were about $15. We appreciated the cost because we were probably averaging $26 per day for parking.

We stayed at this park several times over the next few years until about 2011 when Shell bought the property and built a Shell station and made a big-rig parking lot out of the space where the RV Park used to be. I mentioned a casino and everyone knows that there is no gambling in Utah – not even lottery. Wendover is in Utah and West Wendover is in Nevada. All of the casinos are west of the state line on the West Wendover side.

We went back into the Wendover Nugget Casino and ate the buffet for dinner. We were tired when we sat down to eat, but we got rejuvenated over dinner and felt like spending a little time playing slot machines. The machines drained our money pretty steadily for a while, then I hit a small jackpot that brought us back to even. That felt like a great time to break for the day, so we returned to the motorhome for some sleep.

We spent the next morning driving around the city in the cool weather. There was not much to see, except desert. We were through sightseeing before noon and returned to the Wendover Nugget for more slot play. We did not have much luck so we went home early and had grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.

The next morning we caught up with our laundry in the morning and we walked over to the Montego Bay Casino in the afternoon. The casino is across the street from the Wendover Nugget and had been newly remodeled. They had a lot of chrome and blue lights – really eye-catching. Obviously they set the slot machines to recover the money spent remodeling. The slots were not fun at all. We decided to eat the buffet for a late lunch or early dinner. The food was okay and the desserts were great. I do not think there is any level ground in the city – it felt like we were walking uphill each direction. I am sure the problem was a lack of fitness on our part as we got winded easily.

We took the next day off and Kathi made meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I always enjoy Kathi’s cooking and I guess she does too. I usually get most of the meatloaf and she has only a small helping of the main dish and eats mostly vegetables. The following day we tried the Rainbow Casino. I guess we were feeling obligated to leave some money everyplace in town. We had a good lunch at the buffet. I think the Rainbow had the best buffet for this trip.

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