Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2005 Travel Plan

After spending the 2004 yearend holidays with our family in Deer Park and La Porte it was time to move again. Although we had only had our motorhome for a short time, RV traveling was already a way of life for us. We did want to slow our travel speed down from the previous year, so we could enjoy the local areas more. But now was not the time for slow. Our plan was to move west to California to visit our youngest son before he deployed to Iraq, then visit our oldest in San Francisco. After that a leisure jaunt north to Oregon and Washington for the summer months, then take a high route east and back to Texas before year end.

We spent Wednesday night, January 5th at Freightliner to get our oil changed before leaving town. The Houston Freightliner lot is always full of big trucks in for service. Their RV technician normally only schedules one RV per day. He was through with our RV before 1:00 pm the next day and we returned to Green Caye to finish out our stay before traveling on Sunday. Thursday afternoon it got cold again. We visited my sister & brother-in-law at Green Caye.

On Friday we awoke to another cold day. We met Kathi’s mother and step-father to tell them good-bye over lunch at Sudie’s on Spencer Highway in Pasadena. I had the all you can eat catfish plate and Kathi had fried shrimp. The ladies from Mississippi sold great catfish. After lunch Kathi and I picked up prescriptions from the drug store and took all our clothes to the laundromat so everything was ready for traveling.

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day and we did our final grocery shopping before hitting the road. We visited my sister again in the evening in their fifth wheel. They just bought a new truck and needed to get a hitch installed before they could travel.

Finally with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed we got on the road. The first day was a short trip to Luling, TX – only about 160 miles due west on I-10. We stayed at the River Bend RV Park, one of the Passport America parks, so it only cost $11 per night.  There were no trees at our site to obstruct our two satellite dishes, but the park did have a lot of pecan trees surrounding us.

The next morning after coffee and cereal, we took a short site-seeing excursion north until we reached the outskirts of Austin. After lunch we both had a nap and took a walk around the park in the afternoon. It was a cool windy day and I like being out in the wind. Kathi talked to my sister, Carol and they got their tow hitch installed and were ready to travel the next day. They seemed to be more anxious to get out of Texas than we were.

Our next stop was the Junction KOA, about 170 miles further west on I-10. It was a nice drive with little traffic and beautiful weather. Too expensive for us, but the only suitable RV Park in the area. The park was almost empty when we arrived and filled up before the day was over. That alone told me there was not much to see or do in the area, since there were no permanent guests in the RV Park. We see a good number of RV parks that cater to one night stay travelers.

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