Monday, April 20, 2015

Another Day at Almost Heaven

Kathi and I are in Dickinson, Texas for a good period of time this year and I have been relating some of our previous travel experiences. Today I am continuing our story from November 13, 2004. We were staying at the Almost Heaven RV Park in Manvel, TX at the time.

The evening of November 13, 2004 we talked to our youngest son, Christopher. He was reporting in from the Marine Corps Ball in Las Vegas. He and his fellow Marines were in their dress uniforms and enjoying the diversion before returning to base to prepare for a return trip to Iraq. Kathi and I were both apprehensive, as I am sure the Marines were. None of us talked about it much, mostly sticking to logistics when we talked.

On the 14th, Kathi was having some breathing problems mostly due to the high humidity. We both thought there was something physically wrong, but her doctors have not found a source of her breathing problems. In Texas we blamed the humidity and in the mountains we blamed the altitude for her lack of ability to draw in enough oxygen. We discussed switching doctors, but were not quite ready to take that step.

Kathi and I visited my cousin Lloyd Bowden at MD Anderson hospital. He had terminal cancer, but he and his wife Shirley were putting on a brave face. We visited for a little while, but Lloyd was hungry, so we did not stay too long. After we left, we talked a little more about Lloyd, but realized the best we could do for them was provide positive thoughts and hope for a pain free death.

Later that afternoon Kathi and I met with my sister and her husband, Lloyd Jackson and the four of us took a walk around the Lake at Almost Heaven, then went to Lloyd and Carol’s RV to visit for a while. We talked mostly about our travel adventures. I could remember being most places, but remembered few details. Kathi remembered more. Lloyd was amazing as usual, he remembered and related details about their visits to all the places Kathi and I had gone during the year. It was a fun conversation.

November 15th was a Monday and we drove to Deer Park to pick up medicine from Walgreen's and to drop off film for development. It was rainy and cool with high humidity – typical Texas winter. We stopped at Gabby’s in Pasadena to have barbecue. Good barbecue was hard to come by outside of Texas. I had the sausage, ham and brisket plate and Kathi had brisket. Gabby’s was our favorite barbecue restaurant at that time.

After we returned home, Kathi and Carol took three laps around the lake, dodging rain showers. Then Carol and Lloyd came over to visit us in our RV – more stimulating travel conversation. We were all glad to be back in Texas to rest up, visit family during the year-end holidays and get back out on the road as soon as the holiday season was over. Looking forward to traveling and seeing new places is almost as much fun as the travel, but not quite – just almost.

My next post will continue our 2004 experiences.

Location marker in Pearland

Nice car at Patients Hospital in Pasadena

Flags over Jack In The Box in Deer Park

Night view of the Capitan Theater

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