Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Back in Texas

November 3, 2004 we were at the Cactus RV Park in in Tucumcari, NM. We were headed back to Texas, but thought about a short detour to Guthrie, OK to visit Kathi’s older brother, Carl. After living in the snow for a few days in Tucumcari and checking the weather, we decided a more southerly route back to the Houston-Pasadena-Deer Park area made more sense.

We followed I-40 east into Amarillo and then I-27 south through Plainview and landed in the Lubbock RV Park in Texas. There was snow along the way, but they do a good job keeping the snow off the interstates. Lubbock RV Park was nice, but too expensive for our tastes. We prefer to stay in Passport America parks that offer half price rates for the first few days you stay there. We stayed in Lubbock two nights and mostly watched TV and the weather.

After two nights in Lubbock, we took US 84 south to Snyder, then Texas 208 through Colorado City and on to San Angelo where we moved into the San Angelo KOA. KOA’s are all too expensive for us, but we had stayed in enough of them to get a gold card for a 15% discount. We got to view a lot of cotton fields along the way and it was getting noticeably warmer as we moved south.

The next day was Saturday, November 6th and we took a drive around the San Angelo area. It was a nice sunny day and we had to run our car air conditioner. We ate lunch at Red Lobster and went home to rest, since Kathi was feeling a little under the weather.

On Sunday we had a nice drive with sparse traffic to the Emerald Lake RV Park in Jarrell, TX. Jarrell is a small community between Belton and Georgetown on I-35. We got the Passport America rates at the RV Park, but we decided we would not return there because the sites were too unlevel and the other patrons were a little seedy for our taste. I guess that sounds snobbish, but we do not like to be where we feel uncomfortable.

On Monday we drove to see Fort Hood. There was a lot of activity and a lot of soldiers about. A lot more traffic than I remember seeing when I was there. When I was there we were at peace with the world, except for the cold war. In late 2004 we had troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq. I did not see any of the sights I remembered from 43 years earlier, so we returned to the motorhome

We took a drive around the area and saw more cotton fields and hay farms and decided we had seen enough. Kathi was getting anxious to see her mother, so we started getting ready to move again.  We spent the next couple of days doing housework and reading. We were trying to get everything ready, just in case the family wanted to visit us at our home.

Next post: My Fort Hood Experience.

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