Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Going To Texas

October 18, 2004: Headed for Texas. We left the Wendover Nugget RV Park in Wendover, Utah moving east on I-80. We had rain and wind the previous evening, but the skies were clear and blue and the wind had died down in the morning. Driving in the wind takes a little more care than no wind, so we were glad it was not windy. There was very little traffic and the mountain scenery was well appreciated again. We passed the southern edge of the Great Salt Lake, just west of Salt Lake City.

In South Salt Lake City we turned south off I-80 onto I-15, moving through American Fork, Orem and Provo before turning back east on Utah 77 to Springville, Utah. We checked into the East Bay RV Park in Springville. This is a nice RV park with paved sites. The trip was about 170 miles and took almost four hours. The park is surrounded by beautiful mountains and had many small trees with golden, red and yellow leaves. Obviously it was a nice time of year to visit the area.

East Bay RV Park office

A view of the RV park and mountains

Another RV park view
The next morning the rain returned, but we did not care – we took a drive anyway. The rain slows all the traffic down, so it was more pleasant for sightseeing. There were fruit orchards everywhere. We were both surprised to see them, mostly because we did not know Utah was known for fruit production.

October 21st was a Thursday and we moved further south along US 89 and US 6 before catching US 191 just north of Price, Utah. We followed US 191 to I-70 where the two roads were the same for a while before US 191 turned south again. We drove past the Canyonlands and Arches National Parks and on into Moab, where we stopped at the OK RV Park for a few days.

A scene from the highway in Utah
I have made previous posts on this blog August of 2014 about Moab on the 22nd, Canyonlands on the 28th and 29th and Arches on the 30th. Feel free to look at more pictures posted on these dates. Utah has some of the most colorful rock formations seen anywhere in the world. It does not take much to be mesmerized by the red rocks while driving down the road. The views are awe-inspiring. The rocks take on more brilliant colors when they are moist. The gold and yellow trees along the way were a pleasant eye diversions from the beautiful red mountains.

Looking down into a canyon in Canyonlands from the park road

Red rock face in Canyonlands
The OK RV Park is a little rustic, but well worth the prices they charge. Some of the park sites are parallel to the mountains and some you get to park where a big red mountain takes up the whole windshield view. We love that site.

We spent about four hours touring Arches on the 22nd. October 23rd was our fortieth wedding anniversary and we spent it driving up the Colorado side of the mountains to about 9,000 feet to see the snow. It was windy and cold and so beautiful. As a reader you may think I overuse beautiful as an adjective, but you would know better if you have seen these mountains. On the 24th we toured Canyonlands. It was still raining some, but it did not stop the tourists from getting out, including us.

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