Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday in Dickinson

 We had a lot of rain the last week, which gave us a sudden reminder that we had a leak over the pantry in our Alfa motorhome. We have known about the leak for a while and had service people at Charlie’s Service Center in Sunset, UT do some re-caulking last year, to no avail.

Flowers and waterfall on League City Parkway near Highway 146
Our next door neighbors are Bunky and Linda McMahon. Kathi and I met Bunky a few days after we moved into the site next to them at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson. We had not met Linda, although we had seen her several times. Kathi remembered seeing a mobile RV repair truck at their RV and went to talk to Linda to see if she remembered the name of the repair service. They had a nice conversation and got to know each other a little better. Linda did not know the name of the repair company, but told Kathi that Bunky had the information and would let us know when he got home from work. Bunky is retired, but still working for the company he retired from. They spend weekdays in Dickinson and weekends at their home in the Beaumont area.

That afternoon which was Wednesday, April 15, 2015 Kathi and I had lunch with my sister and brother-in-law, Carol and Lloyd Jackson. We ate a Mexican food lunch at Jimmy Changa’s on I-45. Jimmy Changa’s is owned by the same parent company as Gringo’s Mexican food restaurants and share some of the same menu items. Kathi and I shared a Vera Cruz and Lloyd and Carol had the same. Vera Cruz is a combination of fajitas and shrimp brochette. I could eat that meal several times a week, if Kathi would allow it. While we were awaiting lunch, I asked if Lloyd knew the name of the mobile RV service man we have seen inside the Green Caye on several occasions.  Lloyd did not know the name of the RV service provider, but volunteered to come over and go on top of our motorhome and try and patch the leak himself.

When Bunky got home from work he gave us the name and phone number of the mobile RV service provider he used. It was Bob’s RV Repairs available at 409-986-8484. Before Kathi got a chance to call Bob, Lloyd came over with a roll of Gorilla tape. It looks like duct tape but holds up much better in the weather. Lloyd got on top and patched a few questionable spots. After all the rain we had last night and no leaks, we are considering his efforts a success. We have a lot of appreciation for Lloyd and his ability to solve most problems around an RV.

Last night we had dinner at Cheddar’s with Kathi’s brother, Larry, his wife Andrea, their son Matt, his girl friend Kristine and their daughter Austin who will be three in June. I had chicken fried steak and Kathi had a salad. I remember some shrimp dinners and a grill cheese for Austin. Before dinner arrived Austin entertained Larry with her Shopkins. She had two tiny shopping baskets that contained plastic pepper, cake and a couple of other food items I do not remember. Austin is probably the best-behaved child I have ever had the pleasure of having dinner with. Austin enjoys queso and chips which she used for entertainment between Shopits and grilled cheese.

It was another great evening and a great week for being with family and friends.

Kristine & Matt

Austin with Shopkins
Austin eating queso

Austin eating a tortilla chip

Austin about ready for the next course


  1. Glad you got your leak fixed for now. That gorilla tape sounds like good stuff. Austin is cute. Looks like she made the most of her night on the town

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