Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Time 2004

We arrived at the Almost Heaven RV Park in Manvel, TX on Thursday, November 11, 2004. It was rainy in the Houston area and it rained every day for most of the next two weeks. We spent most of our time inside. We visited a few of our relatives, had lunch with Kathi's Mother and step-father a couple of times and spent several afternoons and evening visiting with my sister Carol and her husband Lloyd who were staying at the same RV park. Ten days of rain and staying mostly inside was getting to us some and we both started feeling yucky. Too much of anything gets depressing after a while.

Wednesday the 24th, the rain finally let up a little, although it was still windy and cold, but feeling the breeze in my face felt good. I like the wind and cold as long as I do not have to dwell in it. I enjoy it moving from here to there then getting out of it again. Anyway, we were glad to be out and about.

Kathi had been talking about taking diamonds from several rings she owned and getting them combined into a new wedding ring. It did not make sense to me, but ladies seem to understand the attraction of diamonds more than I do. We drove over to the Jewelry Factory on Southmore Street in Pasadena. We have bought jewelry and had work done by them several times before and found them to be honest people that display good craftsmanship for a fair price. Kathi explained to the jeweler what she wanted to do, described what she wanted the end product to look like and they agreed on a price for the work. Fortunately we had some gold left over from previous transactions, which made the price seem better,

It turned out some of the diamonds were the wrong color or shape and would not enhance the overall design, so they got left those out of the finished product. They ended up using the original wedding ring stone as a centerpiece surrounded by diamonds from Kathi’s 25th anniversary ring.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and we spent it at our nephew’s home. John and Shanna Clark had a nice home on the northwest side of Houston off US 290 near the Telge exit. John and Shanna were excellent hosts as usual. Most of the family was in attendance, with the exception of our two sons who were in California. Kathi talked to both of them on the phone in the evening. They were both sharing Thanksgiving with friends. Family get-togethers are always fun and this was no exception.

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Our nephews Jeff and Carl

Wesley, Andrea and Larry Clark talking to David Clark.

Arlon with David Clark

Virginia and Jim Hathaway, Kathi's mother and step-father

Nephew John Clark and niece Amy Clark (now Amy Whitaker)

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