Thursday, April 30, 2015

West on I-10

It was Wednesday in the city. January 12, 2005 and the city was Junction. With a population less than 3,000 I used to call these small bergs towns, but Junction thinks it is a city, so it is okay by me. Kathi and I got out and drove around. We were through viewing Junction in about 20 minutes, so we expanded our drive and backtracked south on US 83, then FM 41 and FM 27 back to the Hunt-Kerrville Area. We saw a lot of cattle and horse farms on a cold wet day. Not too good for pictures, but I had to take a few of the Stonehenge Replica we found near Hunt. We were amazed to run across this open field with the replica. It was a complete surprise. We had never heard of it before that day. The original Stonehenge had some astrological value, but the replicas are just rocks. It was still fun to see.

Stonehenge replica in a field near Hunt, TX

Arlon getting a close up view of the Stonehenge Replica

We drove on into Kerrville and had lunch at a cafeteria. I do not recall the name of the cafeteria, but the food was similar to what we were used to getting in the Luby’s Cafeterias in the Pasadena area. I usually get chicken fried steak or the bacon cheese steak with macaroni and cheese, green beans and pecan pie. The pie is always too expensive, but it is my favorite and I find it hard to resist. Most people eat desert after their meal, but I enjoy food so much if I save desert for last, I am too full for 

A white donkey near Kerrville
We drove around Kerrville for a little while and found nothing else exciting, so we returned to our RV at the Junction KOA to spend a quiet evening at home and prepare for traveling further west on Thursday.

On the 13th we drove another 200 miles west on I-10 to Fort Stockton, TX and stayed at the Parkview RV Park. This was another Passport America Park and we stayed two nights for $11 per night. We were finally starting to see hills high enough to make us realize we were moving. The rolling hills in Texas are fun, but we really enjoy the higher mountains a little further west. We visited with my sister and brother-in-law, Carol and Lloyd at the RV Park. They left Dickinson a day behind us, but caught up quickly. We planned to make the same stops for the next few days. Kathi and Carol took a long walk around the park. I managed to be otherwise engaged. I hated walking just to be walking and I have not outgrown that feeling. I get most of my walking exercise in Walmart and Walmart parking lots.

The next day we had beautiful cool weather and we decided to spend it indoors. We got a call from our Marine and he got orders to leave for Ramadi, Iraq on February 20th. The apprehension was building, but we did not talk about it.

On Saturday, January 15th we drove on to Van Horn, our last stop before leaving Texas. It was a short 120 mile trip. We always talked about going to new places, but often ended up in the same places we had been before. Driving distances and RV park prices are usually the deciding factors. We ate Mexican food at Chuy’s with Carol and Lloyd. The restaurant was catty-cornered across the street from the El Campo RV Park where we stayed. I think that RV Park is now under new management and the name has changed to Southern Star. After lunch we sat outside in lawn chairs and talked. A beautiful day and a fun way to close it down talking with family members.

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