Friday, April 3, 2015

What Are We Doing?

Kathi and I are in Dickinson, Texas on an overcast Good Friday day in 2015. We plan to be here through the summer helping family members through medical issues.

Kathi’s brother Larry was diagnosed with leukemia in November 2014 and went into Methodist Hospital for chemotherapy on December first. He was released from the hospital mid-January 2015 to put on some weight and gain some strength before the doctors would consider a bone marrow transplant. He had a setback in February with an abdominal blockage and infection that put him back in the hospital for three weeks. Since that time he has put on over twenty pounds and is able to walk around the block.

Larry has been going to Methodist Hospital twice per week to get blood tests to monitor his progress while he is rebuilding his strength. Kathi and I took him to Methodist yesterday for a routine visit and he saw his doctor and transplant coordinator. They were impressed with his conditioning and thought he was now strong enough for the transplant. He will see the doctor on Tuesday for another bone marrow biopsy, before the doctor finalizes the transplant schedule. Our fingers are crossed.

My sister, Carol and her husband Lloyd have been here in Dickinson the first quarter of the year visiting their sons and grandchildren, as well as making their annual doctor visits. Most of the time when we are located at the same places, Kathi and I get to visit with them a lot, but that has not been the case this winter, as we have all been busy. They now have four granddaughters ages one to twelve and spend a good bit of time visiting with them.

Carol and Lloyd are also RV travelers and we have met them on the Oregon coast the last few years during the summer months. We like the Oregon coast in the summer, because the temperature hovers in the 60 – 70 degree range – much different from Texas. They plan to travel soon and do not have any plans past New Mexico, where they will meet up with Lloyd’s brother Dale and his wife Debbie. Dale and Debbie own a home and have an RV for recreational use.

Lloyd and I are about the same age and when we went over to visit them a few days ago, Lloyd was rotating the tires on his motorhome. I envy his ambition, but those tires are heavy. I am really glad he feels like doing activities that require so much energy.

It has been a busy winter and we are glad to be here with our family. We will probably makes some short RV trips later in the year, but do not expect to get far from Texas.

A big rat spotted in Pasadena, Note the ears and tail.


An Easter display at Methodist Hospital

Larry looking stronger on April 2, 2015

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