Monday, May 18, 2015

Family Gathering

Since my blog is read by many people who are not familiar with our family, I will do a lot more explanation and description than I would if this was only going to be read by the family. Hopefully it will still be interesting to everyone.

My brother-in-law, Larry Clark is going to have a bone marrow transplant soon and will not be able to have visitors for a few months afterward, because of his propensity to get an infection while his immune system is weak. Since it was going to be so long before Larry could have visitors again, his wife Andrea and my wife, Kathi decided we should have a family gathering before the transplant. So on Saturday, May 16th we had a family gathering of all who were available to attend. Doug the pug attended. Larry was dog sitting with Doug while Doug’s owner and Larry’s friend Robert was out of town.

Jim Hathaway enjoyed the gathering with us. Jim is Carl, Larry and Kathi’s step-father. His daughter Becky Boyd attended and furnished some of the appetizers. They only live a few blocks down the street.

Larry’s older brother Carl and his wife Cheryn drove in from their new home in Wimberley, Texas. Carl still looked tired from moving all their furniture. I love moving in our motorhome -- the furniture moves itself. Carl has five sons. His two oldest sons had to work and could not attend.

Rick flew in from New Orleans and all others in attendance were within driving distance. His mother, Sheila Rauch picked him up at the airport and delivered him to the party. Ricks two children were also in attendance, Channa is Rick’s oldest. She joined the group and served a dip made from cream cheese and picante sauce. Channa’s husband Josh had to work and could not be with us. Zach attended with his wife Alyssa. They are both smiling all the time and are so pleasant to be around.  

Jeff was there and seemed a little subdued -- he usually tells a lot of funny stories -- I hope he is not growing up. We should have taken the opportunity to talk about the older brothers while they were not there to defend themselves. Carl's youngest son Carl W. Clark was between college semesters and was available to attend. He is trying to find part time work for the summer.

Larry and Andrea’s two sons and their families were there. Wesley is the oldest son. He and his wife Amy have three children. William was there with his son Gage. Wes and Amy’s daughters, Jennifer and Megan were with us. Larry and Andrea’s daughter Amy lives in Kansas and could not get away from her home for this gathering, but she plans to be in town to help during Larry’s recovery. Matt is Larry and Andrea’s youngest son. Matt was there with his girlfriend Kristine and their daughters Lindsey and Austin. Kathi and Andrea were planning lasagna and I heard Matt was instrumental in getting pizza added to the menu. Josue Pena and Matt have been friends since elementary school. Josue seems like another son and is always welcome in the Clark household.

Rick Clark cannot believe what he is hearing,

Austin looking cool

Austin practicing a dance routine

Gage had a good time

Larry, Andrea, Carl and Cheryn

Zach, Alyssa, Sheila and Channa
We ordered lasagna, pizza, salad and bread sticks from Mama Mia’s on Spencer Highway. For desert we had chocolate chip cookies, Italian cream cake, cherry cake, chocolate cake and a Bundt cake. We had a great afternoon catching up and sharing stories. Kathi and I left early so we could get up early on Sunday morning to be with our son AJ in Austin while he has eye surgery on Monday. I am sure the others adjourned soon after, because some of the group were going to the Strawberry Festival in Pasadena.

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