Thursday, May 7, 2015

Las Cruces and Beyond

On Monday, January 17, 2005, we left the El Campo RV Park in Van Horn, TX and moved west out of Texas to the Sunny Acres RV Park in Las Cruces, NM. See my blog entry, “Around Las Cruces” posted on March 4, 2015 for additional information about the Las Cruces area. As I mentioned before, Las Cruces is a natural stopping point for RV travelers moving either direction on I-10.

This January day the weather seemed perfect, sunny and cool. There were mountains all around Las Cruces and we love to see the mountains. Riding on the interstate in this area, you have long slow climbs, so driving does not feel mountainous, but the view really tells the story.  My sister, Carol and her husband Lloyd were staying at the same RV park. Lloyd was working on his truck. Kathi and I ate Mexican food at Escondito’s. We both thought the food was good, but not great. You do not have to get far out of Texas, before Tex-Mex food changes drastically.

View from I-10 east of Las Cruces

Beautiful motorhome at Sunny Acres RV Park

A view of Las Cruces

Tuesday it was still cool. Kathi needed a jacket in the morning, but we had shirt-sleeve weather in the afternoon. We did have lunch with Carol and Lloyd on our second day in Las Cruces. We mostly talked about our travel itinerary at lunch and took a walk in the afternoon. After wintering in Texas, both families were ready to be down the road. It is really fun just seeing what is over the next hill – we prefer mountains, but hills are good too.

The next day, Kathi and I moved 60 miles further west to Deming, NM. We stayed in the Dream Catcher RV Park, which is an Escapees sponsored park and nightly rates were $9 – one of the least expensive parks where we have stayed. We enjoyed the mountains during the short drive and enjoyed the long pull through RV spaces in the park. Again Carol and Lloyd were in the same park with us and we visited in the afternoon.

The sky at sunset in Deming

White horse statue beside a Deming street
Friday it was raining when we awakened. We were ready to move, but stalled for a while waiting for the rain to stop. I do not mind driving in the rain, but the RV gets so dirty and our tow vehicle gets filthy. When the rain stopped we continued west to the Benson I-10 RV Park in Benson, AZ. This is an easy in and out RV park and nice people working in the office.

We took an hour drive into Tucson, AZ to buy a small air compressor at the Camping World store. I had a tire that looked low and I figured carrying a small air compressor was a good idea. It did not turn out that way. Our RV tires are inflated to 100 PSI and the air compressor got overheated and shut down before it actually added air to the tires. Oh well, this was a lesson I should have learned at an earlier age, but I did not. The tire was not dangerously low, so I decided to wait and air it up at our next diesel stop.

Our oldest son, AJ who was in San Francisco got registered to return to college and bought his books. The Marines sent our youngest, Christopher to a training school in New Jersey. It was cold in New Jersey and the boy hates cold weather. Fortunately for him the school only lasts a week.

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