Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 5th

On May 5th we find ourselves enjoying an overcast day in Dickinson, TX. I am taking a break from describing our 2005 travels today and I am writing about current events in our family. If you are interested in Cinco de Mayo. See my entry in my “Thoughts and Ideas” blog at http://thoughts.arlonhboozer.com

We have a lot of chores planned for today. Kathi and I are both going to get haircuts. When my sideburns get bushy and my hair curls up in the back, Kathi always suggests a haircut so she can travel with a neat looking man wearing short pants. While we are out we will get the oil changed in our Jeep. We also plan to get the Jeep washed, but it is sprinkling rain. I thought the rule was it is supposed to rain right after you wash your car, not before. I suspect we will still wash our Jeep today, rain or no rain.

My brother-in-law, Larry Clark has a date for his bone marrow transplant the end of May. He was diagnosed with acute myleoid leukemia around Thanksgiving in 2014. Before he was diagnosed he had lost about thirty pounds. After the chemotherapy to kill the leukemia cells he was down to about 170 pounds. He was so weak the transplant doctor would not do the transplant until he got stronger. His wife Andrea went to work trying to fatten him up. Then Kathi got in the act and started pushing Larry to eat more of her home cooked meals. Kathi has cooked more this year than she has since we started traveling. It worked. Larry weighed 204.7 when we took him in for his routine blood test on Monday. His walking and exercise routine has given him the physical strength he needed to be given a transplant date. His treatment is taking place at Methodist hospital and they have been great service providers.

Our son, AJ is still in Austin and is going to have eye surgery in the near future. He had a lens implant on his right eye a few months ago and now he is ready to have the other eye repaired. When he gets a firm date set for the surgery, Kathi and I will go to Austin and be with him for the surgery and a few days after as he recuperates. Kathi has already began cooking food items that AJ enjoys eating, so our first stop in Austin will be a food delivery. Both our boys still appreciate a home cooked meal from Mom.

That was then, this is now. We left to run our errands after my last paragraph and now we are back in our RV with our appetites satisfied at Jimmy Changa’s on the Gulf Freeway. We shared the Vera Cruz as usual. Fajitas and grilled shrimp are always good and always filling. I was stuffed when we left the restaurant, but I could not get past the ice cream machine without a small sample. The ice cream was good, also but now my stomach is tight, so it is time to relax.

View of Jimmy Changa's dining area

Closer view of chandelier

Cantinflas picture

Another Cantflas ad

We got some laundry done, got the oil changed in our Jeep and drove by the hand car wash on 518 in League City. The car wash was closed, so our Jeep is still in need of attention. We drove by Great Clips for haircuts and the shop was full of school children, so I backed out on the haircut deal. Life is good.

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