Thursday, May 21, 2015

Trip to Austin

On Sunday, May 17th Kathi and I drove to Austin to be with our oldest son, AJ while he had eye surgery on Monday morning. When we left our Alfa Motorhome at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, it was dark, but not raining. We took I-45 into town and transferred to I-10. We got some rain on the way. Between I-10 and Loop 610 down came a gully-washer. I remembered the last time we had trouble crossing over five lanes from the Loop to US 290 and I was dreading that spot again, then the rain stopped. It was clear and little traffic allowing us to get on 290 easily.

We stopped at a Buckees somewhere in the Cypress-Fairbanks area and got some coffee and kolaches. I like the sausage and cheese kolaches and Kathi had a croissant and a blueberry muffin. We listened to some country music on the radio, but heard nothing memorable. We do not listen to music on the radio as much as we did in our previous life.

Our first stop in Austin was AJ’s apartment where we delivered barbecued pulled pork, baked chicken, roasted baby potatoes and his favorite – roast beef. The boys, including me, love to eat Kathi’s cooking. AJ had a broken chair that I wanted to look at. He could not see well enough to fix it himself with his limited vision. I found some bolts missing, so we went to Home Depot and picked up some bolts and an Allen wrench to install the bolts. We agreed on a pick up time for Monday morning and left AJ on his own while we went to check into the Best Western on I-35 on the south side of downtown. Then we drove a few miles further down the street and found a Luby’s Cafeteria. There were only a few patrons in the cafeteria. We were both given different vegetables than we ordered and had to get the orders corrected.

I enjoyed my meal more than Kathi. The bacon cheese steak was normal good and the macaroni and cheese and green beans were the same as all other Luby’s Cafeterias. Kathi had a chicken fried steak with cream gravy and mashed potatoes. I ended up eating most of her steak. She did not care for it, but how can a southern boy pass up anything with gravy? What I thought was pecan pie turned out to be something like a bread pudding disguised as pie. One bite for each of us and it was left behind. I refused the to-go container they offered.

Monday morning came early, but we were all prepared for the day. Kathi and I read while AJ was in operating area. AJ’s friend John Morris drove in from Houston and sat with us for a while, when we were waiting for the surgeon to let us know how the surgery went. It was good to see John again, since it had been several years since we last saw him. We finally talked to the surgeon and he told us there was no surprises. He did a Lens replacement and repaired a small retina tear. AJ’s doctor is James Dooner with Austin Retina. Dr. Dooner has been great and our dealing with him have been a pleasure.

About an hour later they told us AJ was waking up and let me go back to help him get dressed to go home. We drove AJ to his apartment and John met us there. Kathi and I left them to spend a few hours together. AJ had a patch over his eye and needed to get more sleep to get the anesthetic out of his system.

Tuesday we picked AJ up and ran a couple of errands, including a trip to the grocery store. While we were storing groceries I found the gasket on refrigerator door loose again and repositioned it. I may need to consider some glue if it continues to be a problem. In the afternoon we went to the doctor’s office to get the patch removed and assure there were no post-surgical complications. AJ was amazed as how bright it was and most impressed by the vivid colors he could see, that he could not see before. His vision is much improved. He is hoping for even better vision using glasses in a few months after the eye heals.

Wednesday morning we ran a few more errands and then had lunch at Rosa’s Café and Tortilla Factory on the south side of Austin. At Rosa’s you go through a line to order and pick up your food at the end of the counter. Rosa’s is more like a fast food restaurant than a sit-down café. The food must have been okay as everyone emptied their plates. After lunch we dropped AJ off at his apartment and Kathi and I headed back to Dickinson.

Hotels are not our favorite abodes, but the Best Western was comfortable and clean. Even though Kathi and I are both still tired, the trip was well worth our time and we were glad to be with AJ to provide help where we can. It is good to be home.

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