Sunday, June 28, 2015

Along US 101

Today I continue our 2005 travel story on Thursday, March 17th. It was a bad time for Kathi, as she had the flu with achiness and a low temperature. Also, it rained almost every day while we were there this trip. San Francisco is known for having a lot of rain, but when the sun shines there it is one of the most pleasant places to be in the world. My uncles James and F.L both lived and died in San Francisco. James told me that it only took a few sun shiny days a year for him to appreciate living there. I understood.

We saw our oldest son AJ a few times during the next week, but mostly just to go out to eat – Kathi just did not feel entertaining. I worked with AJ on a take home exam for his Logic class at San Francisco State. Our RV was parked in Redwood City at the Trailer Villa San Mateo RV Park. The park is located on E. Bayshore Road just east of US 101. We could see the South Bay over the fence on the east side of the trailer park. It took us about 5 minutes from the park to get to 101, then about 40 minutes to get to San Francisco and pick up AJ.

The 101 goes by Candlestick Point where the AT & T Park is located. Both the SF Giants and Forty-Niners had their games in this park in 2005. The football team changed locations since then. We heard there was an RV park associated with this park and when we investigated we found the rate was about $75 per day. We kept moving, that rate is way out of the ballpark for us. I guess that means we got a home run by not staying there.

The 101 also goes by the San Francisco International Airport which is located east of Bruno, CA. It is about a twenty minute drive from the airport to the city, but most people take the BART into town. Bay Area Rapid Transit is a subway that has lines to take people to most all of the smaller towns within 20 miles of the bay area.

Wednesday, March 24th, AJ rode the Cal Train over to Redwood City and we picked him up at the train depot. We went to the Bay Meadows Racecourse in San Mateo and watched five horse races. It was a pleasant diversion and I won money on 3 of the 5 races. We had lunch at the track, then took AJ home and said our good byes as it was the last time we would see him for a while. It was time to travel and we were going to head north the next morning.

A rainbow over South Bay as seen from the Trailer Villa Park

One of my favorite pictures of AJ with SF in the background.

Another view of SF from a hilltop.


  1. It was always fun seeing you in California. Maybe we will get another opportunity. I figured I had to move back long enough for you to get the pictures of the Redwood forest we were talking about recently.