Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Crossing the Sierra-Nevadas

Today I am continuing our 2005 travel story beginning on Saturday, March 5th. We saw our son, Christopher and his Marine company off to Iraq on Friday and now we are ready to move further north in California. We left the 29 Palms Golf and RV Resort heading to the Boulder Creek RV Park in Lone Pine, CA. We loved driving in snow covered mountains with moderate temperatures at ground level. The trees were green and the wild flowers were plentiful with brilliant colors. We were tired after the drive and stayed in for the afternoon and evening. Christopher called and they were already in Kuwait – the travel orders were changed after they boarded the plane. The military often changes travel schedules when troops are in the air for security purposes. They went from March AFB in Riverside, CA and stopped in Ireland for a few hours, then on to Al Asad Air Base in Kuwait. From there the Marines will truck convoy to their final destinations.

We took a drive into the mountains on Sunday and found the road blocked by way too much snow. We just got out and walked around the road block to see the local scenery. The views were exhilarating and it really made us appreciate our opportunity to be RV travelers. The next few days we spent inside mostly reading and enjoying the mountain views through our windshield. I really cannot explain my fascination with Lone Pine, but it feels kind of surreal to me, since I first heard of Mt. Whitney in the Humphrey Bogart movie, “High Sierra.” We paid for a week in the RV park, but we were sorry we committed for so long our second day there. There is very little we wanted to do outdoors with all the mountain passes closed.

Arlon at the Boulder Creek RV Park in Lone Pine

Mountains near Lone Pine

Another mountain view from the RV park
On Friday the 11th we drove north on US 395 through Independence and Big Pine on the way to Bishop. We enjoyed the drive, the snow-capped mountain views and a good steak at Sizzler. On Saturday we moved our RV north, planning to cross over the Sierra-Nevada Mountains and be in Redwood City to put us close enough to visit our oldest son AJ in San Francisco. We found all the passes over the mountains closed until we got to South Lake Tahoe. We finally crossed the mountains and stopped at the KOA in Sacramento for the night. The KOA was too expensive for us at $36 per night, but we were tired and needed to rest before going back south to Redwood City. The KOA was old and run-down which is unusual for KOA parks. Most of the residents appeared to be permanent.

 It occurred to me while we were driving that I had heard all my life about not being able to get over the mountains in the wintertime because of heavy snow and this was my first experience with that issue. The snow filled passages stopped wagon trains in my movie experience and I did not anticipate having the same issue in a car -- how na├»ve of me.  Now I understand. I never remember a road closed in Texas due to snow. This was just another exciting adventure for RV travelers.

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