Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015

My blog post today is about current events at or affecting the Boozer household. I will return to our 2005 travels next week.

We awoke to a deluge of rain about seven o’clock this morning. I remember hearing rain earlier in the morning, but my concern at the time was more sleep, so I do not know what time the rain started. I did remember our Jeep Commander had a leak on the passenger side and the floorboard gets wet when it rains. It must have been on my mind, because when I fell back asleep I dreamed of rain and flooded streets. In my dream, we were living in a house with a garage. I awoke disoriented and had to stand beside the bed a few seconds to reorient myself and remember we now live in a motorhome with no attached garage. Too bad about the wet floorboard, but good to be an RV traveler.

Our Jeep in front of our Alfa motorhome

Our Alfa See Ya' motorhome

 I usually cover the vent on the passenger side of the Jeep with plastic, but I forgot to do that last night, even though I did hear the weather report warning us to expect rain. After we got up the first opportunity I had to install the plastic was about 9:30 and for sure, the floor board carpet was already soaked. I will need to dry it out later today or in the morning.

It has been ten days since my brother-in-law, Larry Clark got a bone marrow transplant in an effort to cure his acute myeloid leukemia. He is sick and weak, as expected. He has lost weight and still tries to walk the halls at least once daily to keep up his strength. His transplant doctor told him he may be ready to go home the end of next week. His white blood cell count was brought to near zero with chemotherapy and yesterday it climbed to 0.17 and today it is 0.26. Hopefully it will continue daily increases. Being at home, he will have to return to the clinic on the 8th floor of Methodist Hospital three times per week for blood tests and infusions, if necessary. His appetite is gone again, but he did manage to eat cereal in the morning and half a bowl of taco soup for lunch each of the last two days.

Larry’s wife Andrea was home with a cold and sore throat yesterday and must get well before she can visit him again. His body cannot fight off infections until he has more white blood cells. Balancing her work with hospital visits was tough enough, then her car broke down on her on Wednesday when she was on the way to the hospital. She had AAA and had the car towed to the Firestone shop on Center Street in Deer Park. Kathi and I picked her up and went to the hospital to be with Larry for a few hours.

My sister, Carol and her husband Lloyd Jackson are on the road in their RV. They spent last night in Reno and planned to travel today headed toward Oregon and the Oregon coast. We will miss being with them this year. We have met in Oregon during the summer for about five years in a row. Maybe next year.

Kathi made tacos for our lunch today. Her recipe is much different from the Tex-Mex tacos we eat at restaurants. Her tacos have been a family favorite for thirty years. I love eating here. She normally makes enough to last for several servings, so I get to look forward to another taco meal later in the week. Hooray.

Pretty flowers at the entrance to Tuscan Lakes subdivision on League City Parkway.

Small lake at the entrance to Tuscan Lakes

Two people in a boat on the lake beside W. Walker St. in League City.


  1. Sorry you woke up to a soaked floorboard in your Jeep. It is no fun to wake up to a problem like that.

    We knew this was going to be a tough time in Uncle Larry's treatment. I am impressed he gets up to try to walk a little every day. So soon after the marrow transplant it is good to hear that. I think about him and Andrea and Mom and you every day several times I make a wish for Larry every night around this time and think about everyone I care about. Hope you get to go home soon, Larry. Thank you for keeping us up on things Pop.