Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Trek To Sutherlin

Today I am continuing our 2005 travel story, beginning on Saturday, March 26th. We had spent the last two weeks in the Trailer Villa Park in Redwood City, CA, which we used as a home base while visiting our oldest son AJ who lives in San Francisco. Now it is time for the Alfa RV to get on the road again with our next planned stop in Redding, CA.

Mileage from Redwood City we estimated to be about 240 miles. For a time estimate I guessed it would be about a five hour trip. I always estimate our time at 50 mph, which gives us times for stops we might make along the way. We usually arrive within one-half hour of my estimated time.

We took US101 north to San Francisco where we merged with I-80 east. We crossed the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to Oakland, then onward to Vacaville. From Vacaville we took I-505 north until it joined I-5 between Zamora and Dunnigan. We passed through Arbuckle, Bluegum and Red Bluff before stopping at the Mountain Gate RV Park in Redding. Mountain Gate is an Escapees Park.

The wild flowers were abundant which always gives us a lift. The grass and trees were green in the morning sunshine and we were happy to be on the road. We even passed a couple of fields of bluebonnets. I thought Texas had the bluebonnet franchise, but I guess we shared with California. It was dry and sunny throughout the trip and soon after we got checked into the RV park, it started raining. We stayed in for the evening.

On Sunday, we drove our Cavalier up to see Shasta Lake and dam in the rain. Kathi and I both enjoy everything about the mountains. Even the steep slow climbs in our motorhome are fun. On this day we were just enjoying the beauty of the mountains and surrounding areas. It was noticeably cooler as we went up Mount Shasta. We did most of our viewing through car windows and the windshield, because it was so messy outside in the rain. If I am ever in northern California again I would like to visit the Shasta Lake area again and see it on a sunny day when we can get out of the car and walk around.

Kathi had called the Escapees mail room in Livingston, TX on Friday to have our mail forwarded to us in Redding, so we were stuck in town until the mail arrived. Fortunately the mail arrived on Monday morning which meant we were free to travel on Tuesday. Our next planned stop was at the Timber Valley RV Park in Sutherlin, Oregon.

We got an early start on Tuesday, anticipating the trip would take about five hours to traverse through the mountains on the 250 miles trip. I do not like to go on trips this long, but the natural stopping points for us are about 250 miles apart on the west coast. We took I-5 north across the CA-OR state line and passed through Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass and Roseburg in Oregon. . The temperature was in the mid-forties in Sutherlin. We enjoyed the redbud trees and wild flowers with snow on the mountain tops in the background. What a great life for Kathi and I to share

Arlon by Alfa at Timber Valley in Sutherlin, OR.

Blue Jay hiding on Boondock 2 sign.

Deer at Timber Valley

Shrubbery at Timber Valley

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