Monday, July 27, 2015


I apologize for not displaying pictures on my posts for the last few weeks. I had a Sony camera that was given to me at my retirement party from Shell Chemical Company, so laziness is the only excuse I have for not taking pictures. Taking pictures is so much easier now since everyone has a cell phone that takes pictures, usually better than most cameras that I would own. All I can think of is that we were in a dream world being new RV travelers and mesmerized seeing so many exciting things.

I am picking up our 2005 travel year on Tuesday May, 10th when we moved from Elmo, MT on Flathead Lake south about 200 miles to Anaconda, MT. We drove south on US 93 out of the valley with the Flathead National Forest to our east and the Lolo National Forest to the west of us. We got on I-90 going southeast at Wye which is just north of Missoula. Next we took CA 48 west off I-90 about 10 miles to Anaconda. It rained on us the whole trip, but we did not care. We still got to see some great scenery with the forests and mountains all around. We especially enjoyed the horse and cattle farms we saw along the route. We even passed a buffalo ranch. Seeing buffalo herds is always fun for us. We saw two herds with between 50 and 100 buffalo in each.

We moved into the Fairmont RV Park for $17 per day. The manager told us they had six inches of snow the previous day. That explains the cooler temperatures we were enjoying. Kathi’s journal says I was wearing long pants, but I have no memory of that – I am too conditioned to my shorts. I only have two pairs of long pants and I have not seen them since a funeral three years ago. We like the snow, but do not want to live in it full time.

We were still using our Motosat dish antenna for internet service at that time and for some reason I never could get a signal to get on the internet. We blamed it on the weather, but never found out for sure what the problem was.

The next morning we had to unhook our utilities and close our motorhome back up to go into town for propane. After that we drove our car into the Walmart in Butte. We drove around Butte for a while and saw nothing that drew our attention and ended up in another small casino. I played keno and Kathi played video poker. We did not have any luck at the casino, so only stayed a couple of hours. We drove around looking for a restaurant, but did not find anything that suited Kathi’s taster, so we drove back home to eat.

Out the windshield we could see horses running up and down a hillside in front of us. Horses look majestic when standing by you, but they look really spectacular when they run in small herds. We even saw a small herd of deer hiding at the edge of the forest.

We got a call from our youngest son, Christopher who was in Iraq. He told us he was at the half way point of his tour. We were glad to hear from him and glad to hear he was safe. We were really looking forward to him returning to California.

Next Stop: Great Falls, MT.

I wanted to show some pictures, so I borrowed some from other adventures.

Buffalo at Little Big Horn National Park in South Dakota

Horses at Little Big Horn

Arlon at the Bristlecone Pine Forest near Lone Pine, CA. This is my normal snow attire.

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