Friday, July 10, 2015

Our Week In Chimicum

Today I am continuing our 2005 travel story. I left off my last blog post on April 12th after our arrival in Chimicum, WA and the next day we had the submarine sighting. I am picking up the story today on April 14th. The day started off sunny. Soon the sun disappeared and it started to rain. Not long after, we noticed lumps in the rain. Sure enough it was hail which soon turned to snow. Being from Texas we were used to rapid weather changes, but this was too much. After the unusual weather morning we would never have guessed a beautiful sunny afternoon, but we had one. It left us stymied and happy for the way the day went.

Kathi did some laundry in late morning, then for lunch we returned to the Chimicum Cafe. Kathi did not enjoy it as much the second time, but everything was fine for me. Chicken fried steak and French fries are hard to mess up. The gravy had an odd flavor, but no complaints. While we were out we bought a birthday card to send to our youngest son, Christopher who would be 30 the end of the month. We got the card a little early, since we did not know how to anticipate the mail delivery time to Iraq. Kathi mentioned something about her baby boy getting older, but that is what they do. Our oldest son, AJ was in San Francisco going to College. He is 7 years older than Christopher.

The next day, we took the ferry across Puget Sound to Seattle. When I saw the line of cars and counted over eighty. The only ferry I had ever been on was at Lynchburg Crossing across the Houston Ship Channel. That ferry carried 25-30 cars at a time. I figured we would be waiting all day for our turn at the ferry and I wanted to turn around, but could not figure out how to backtrack, It was too crowded to get out of line and the road appeared to be one way only. I stepped out of the car to explore a way out and the line started moving pretty fast. Within fifteen to twenty minutes they loaded over 200 cars on their ferry; we were amazed.

We noticed everyone getting out of their cars and going inside so we got out of our car and followed them inside the ferry. They had chairs for about 50 people inside and probably 30 more outside. They had a concession stand and everything. It appeared that most of the people were regular ferry riders and many knew each other. It was a festive atmosphere. I am sure we looked lost and we were. I do not remember exactly, but I think the ferry ride was about an hour and a quarter. The Seattle skyline was majestic. We had lunch at Red Lobster before going home. The ferry was fun one time, but I did not want to go back the same way, so I charted a course and we drove back to Chimicum. I got lost, so we had a couple of diversions and still got home before dark.

On April 16, we drove to Port Angeles. It was a nice scenic seaside community, but it rained the whole time we were there. We found the Elwha River Casino and went in for a few hours. We had their buffet for lunch and the food selection and quality was mediocre.

The next morning around 1:30 am, we were awakened by our son, Christopher calling from Iraq. He was cheerful and had received all our letters and packages. We were glad to hear from him, but we needed more sleep. The next time we woke it was daylight and sunshiny. We drove back to the Sequim and Port Angeles area to see some lavender farms. It turned out we were too early and nothing was blooming. We enjoyed the scenic drive, dodging all the many waterways in the area. Another torrent of rain took us back home. We had been in town almost a week and we were anxious to move on to our next stop in Ellensburg, WA.

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