Saturday, July 18, 2015


Today I am continuing Kathi and Arlon’s 2005 travel year adventures.

In my last post we were homed in Ellensburg, WA at the E & J Resort. On Thursday, April 21st we drove to Yakima and on into Toppenish where we found a casino to play for a few hours. We obviously had some fun, because Kathi wanted to move to that area, so we trolled around and found an RV park with good rates. We decided when our rent was due in Ellensburg we would move to Toppenish. The weather was great in the area and there was still snow in Idaho, which was our next planned state to visit.

The following Tuesday, we took the short 100 mile trip to the Yakima Nation RV Park in Toppenish. The RV park was empty, but we were told it would fill up later in the week. The aroma from the cattle in the area was pronounced, but we liked where we were; we just kept the doors and windows closed throughout our visit. Stepping outside each morning was like a slap in the face, the aroma was so prevalent.

Kathi talked to our son Christopher in the evening. He was settled in at Kalsu in Iraq and now getting one day off each week. He was in good spirits which helped lift our spirits, also. Our Oldest son, AJ was in San Francisco and we were able to talk to him every day, so we knew he was doing fine. Christopher, being in hostile territory and only able to communicate occasionally, it was a real treat hearing from him and passing on the news to AJ.

Wednesday we ate the casino buffet for lunch and stayed to play penny slots for a few hours. The slots were a lot more fun than the buffet. I think buffets in smaller casinos do not serve the volume of food necessary to make paying a good cook profitable.

The following day was Christopher’s birthday and he got an opportunity to call us so we could tell him happy birthday – this was his 30th. It was good to hear from him but we hoped his next birthday would be celebrated in a more peaceful environment.

We spent the next few days driving around the area. The weather was great and we were enjoying being in the open air of a country environment. We drove back into Yakima to get a better look at the town and surrounding fruit orchards. Being city kids, we were always glad to see agriculture in action. We see a lot of orchards and crops we do not recognize and wish they would put more signs up telling us about the view we were enjoying. We recognized apples and grapes, but the other orchards grew mystery fruit.

Washington was fun and certainly a new experience for us, but we were RV travelers and as the weather got a little warmer the mood set in to hit the road and try to find cooler weather. Next stop: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

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