Saturday, August 8, 2015


Today I am continuing our 2005 RV travel story. On Monday, May 30th we left the Jellystone RV Park in Missoula, MT and moved to the Bear Canyon RV Park in Bozeman, MT. Looking at the map it was obvious that we were wandering instead of traveling since our route on I-90 took us past Anaconda, where we stayed a few weeks prior to this trip. We did not mind, because we were retired and had no deadlines to meet nor schedules directing us. We felt free and we were wandering, selecting new locations on a whim.

We traveled southeast on I-90 through Deer Lodge, near Anaconda, through Whitehall, Three Forks, Manhattan and Belgrade on the way to Bozeman. Most of these communities were so small they were hidden behind the trees, which were prevalent everywhere along the route. Scenery was great along the way, majestic mountains with snow in the background, winding roads and evergreen trees everywhere. I guess I got too relaxed. When I was unhooking our car from our RV, I lost control of the car and it rolled off a mountain. I told that story in my March 8. 2015 post called “Adventures of a Toad.” Check the archives if you are interested in this funny and embarrassing story. It is well worth reading.

Needless to say, we spent a little less two weeks in Bozeman waiting for our car to be repaired. It was 65 degrees with sunshine, so we did not mind being there. The park was on a hilltop, but the sites were mostly level. We did not like staying there mostly because phone and internet services were poor. We did not have much else to do with our car in the shop, so we planned to drive our rental car around for several days doing some sightseeing.

The bad part of the mishap was that Kathi had been talking to my sister about meeting up in the near future, so the car tumble off a cliff put a hold on that idea. My sister Carol and her husband Lloyd started their RV travels several years before us and we got a lot of travel ideas from them. Even worse than that for us is that when our son, Christopher called from Iraq we kept getting cut off because of our poor phone signals. We missed some of the good stories he liked to relate to us, but we did get the message that he was okay.

Then the weather changed and down came the rain which lasted for three days straight. Somewhere during the rain we got cabin fever and went out in the rain to survey the area. The extra moisture did not diminish the mountain views. We were unsuccessful getting high enough to see the snow on the mountaintops, since the rain caused a lot of it to disappear. We enjoyed the attempt savoring the beautiful sights we encountered.

On Tuesday, June 7th we got a call that our car was ready a week ahead of schedule. We were ecstatic to be getting our car back and being able to move whenever we wished. Really good news. We got the rental car turned in, got our car back home and immediately started discussing our next excursion.

Next stop: Big Sky RV Park in Miles City, MT.


  1. Please stay away from the edges of the mountains, Pop.

  2. Please stay away from the edges of the mountains, Pop.

  3. Good advice. I get light headed looking over the edge. I like something to hold on to when looking down.