Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Miles City, MT

On Thursday, June 9, 2005 we departed the Bear Canyon RV Park in Bozeman, MT. Our Cavalier had some fresh paint and you could not tell it rolled off a mountain a week earlier. I promised myself to listen more carefully to Kathi’s advice next time she told me how to unhook a toad from the RV.

We took I-90 east through Livingston, Big Timber, Greycliff, Reed Point and Columbus. At Billings we left I-90 and took I-94 through Worden, Custer, Hysham and Hathaway and stopped at the Big Sky RV Park in Miles City. This trip was near 300 miles, so I estimated the trip would take about six hours. We made no stops along the way and I must have been pushing the accelerator, as we arrived about an hour earlier than I had planned. It was a scenic drive as most of them are in this part of the country, but it was mostly a blur to me. We were not impressed with the RV park, but the rates were better than what we paid in Bozeman. Kathi thought $18 a day was reasonable, so no complaints from me.

We were both weary after the long drive so we got our utilities hooked up and stayed in for the evening. Kathi made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. After cookies, bananas and peanuts while we were driving, a sandwich was plenty for me.

We awoke on Friday ready to see the area. The temperature was 65 degrees and the sky was big (as advertised) and filled with blue sky, scattered white puffy clouds and brilliant sunshine. We had a great time looking around the old city. Many of the buildings looked to be over 100 years old. I think we drove up and down every street in town, after which we went to the Cellar Casino. I won $400 soon after our arrival and I put aside $150 to buy a TiVo. We had our VHS tape recorder that we moved into the RV with us, but we were looking forward to using the newer technology when we got to a town with an electronics store that sold the TiVo. Obviously we were having good casino fun, so Kathi and I shared the rest of the money for re-investment in the casino.

Saturday morning we slept late and then went casino hopping. Remember the casinos in Montana had a 20 machine maximum and the choices were video poker or keno. I mostly played keno and Kathi played video poker.  This day she could not do anything wrong. Playing Deuces wild, she hit four deuces three times and also hit a royal flush for $760. She bought lunch at the Stagecoach Restaurant. The food was mediocre, but of course we did not care that much because we brought along the high from winning at the casinos.

We had a great time in Miles City, but being RV travelers and having spent three days in the same spot, we were ready to move along.

Next stop: Dickinson, ND

The pictures below are not from our Montana trip. They are pictures Kathi took through the windshield as we drive along the highways. We never stop for pictures when we are driving the RV, but we do see a lot of things that are picture worthy.

I think this is in Utah, north of SLC.

Note the road debris on the windshield. We needed a wash.

I cannot keep up with the trucks going up hill, but we always get to the top.

Puffy clouds in the Utah sky.

Kathi's feet enjoying the view.

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