Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Missoula, Montana

Today I am continuing the stories of our 2005 travel year, picking up on May 21st and our trip from Great Fall, MT into the Jim & Mary's RV Park in Missoula. The RV park was nice, but it had a lot of trees which prevented us from being able to get on the internet or get good TV reception. I could position our RV where we got one or the other, but not both. Our satellite dish for the internet was located in the center of our motorhome and the dish for TV was located at the very back. We paid for a two day stay and looked around for other RV park options in the area.

On the 23rd we took our RV into Bretz RV to get our washer/dryer repaired. They were through with the repairs by 11 am and the dryer worked great again, which make Kathi happy. The washer only handled small loads, but it was nice to have for washing everything but bed linen. We were happy with the Bretz service and agreed that next time we were in the area, we would return to Bretz, if we had more maintenance work to perform.

We had seen enough around town that we wanted to stay for another week, so we checked in at Jellystone RV, which was only a block away from Jim and Mary's. Jellystone had big RV spaces and almost no trees. We were much happier there. This area was about seven miles from the nearest conglomeration of homes, so we did not get good cell phone reception. If we wanted to make a phone call we went outside and stood about 20 feet in front of our motorhome to get a signal. Having lived in the city all our lives, we were not used to “roughing it” in isolated areas – if you can consider living in a motorhome “roughing it.” I do not think we thought that way other than the sketchiness of radio type signals transmitted by air.

The next morning we took a drive up a mountain to a ski lodge and it started snowing on us. Of course, we were thrilled since the snow added to the beauty of the forest and surrounding area. Ski lodges are fun for us to see, just for the views. We do not go to ski lodges when people are skiing so we can avoid the crowds.

Missoula spreads across a good sized land area without much downtown, but a lot of strip centers around with good restaurants and small casinos. They also had large grocery stores and a Walmart which made us feel at home.

We were enjoying the weather with open windows in the day time and cool enough for a little heat at night. Our favorite temperatures are between 50 and 60 degrees. It was nice to be outside, so one morning we went back to Bretz RV to look at new motorhomes. We liked one of the new Alfa Founders, but not as much as we liked the Alfa See Ya' we already owned.

We dropped by a different casino every afternoon and had a little entertainment, but never won anything of consequence. We enjoyed a little over a week in Missoula, but we had seen about everything we wanted to see, so on the 29th we stayed at home and got ready for our next travel day when we were moving on down the road to Bozeman.

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