Sunday, August 23, 2015

South Range, Wisconsin

Monday June 20, 2005 we awoke to heavy rain and high wind. We were leaving Minnesota still headed for the Great Lakes. Our destination for the day was the Northland Campground in South Range. In the last few weeks we had taken our first trip through North Dakota and Minnesota moving so fast the places were a blur in my mind. Surreal is probably the word to describe my feelings about the trip. We were really there, but it my mind it felt like a dream. Now we were going to South Range, WI at the southwest tip of the shore of Lake Superior.

The trip on that day was the windiest trip we had endured in our motorhome up to that time. We pulled into the Northland Campground in heavy rain and wind and I pulled through the driveway to make room for other RVers to be able to turn in. I got a vision in my rear view mirror of a plump older lady with free-flowing hair blowing in the wind, wearing a shawl fluttering like a cape and waving both arms. The vision is etched in my memory. I though she looked crazy so I stopped to see what she wanted. It turns out she was one of the owners of the park and chased us down, wanting to know why we entered their park without paying. Well, that thought had never crossed my mind. Fortunately I had Kathi who can explain anything to anyone that will listen. Kathi listened to the lady, then explained what we were doing and they walked back to the office together to check us in. They ended being friendly, but I think the lady still thought of me as a suspect.

Did I mention rain? It was pouring when Kathi got back from the office soaking wet and she walked to guide me to the spot we were assigned. The park sites had two concrete runners for the wheels to rest on while parked. The roadways were so narrow there was not enough room to turn our forty foot motorhome and get all four wheels on the runners. I got our motorhome stuck in the mud. I exited in the rain and before I could walk to the back of the motorhome to unhook our tow vehicle, I was soaked. I think it made Kathi feel better to have a damp companion to share her misery. We got the car free and I was able to rock the motorhome to get us unstuck and made a loop to get a better angle to assure our back tires hit the runners of our parking space.

I got the utilities hooked up, slipping and sliding in the mud. Kathi was already through with her shower and drying off when I went inside. I was already fed up with the Northland Campground, the rain, the mud and Wisconsin and we had just arrived. I got in the shower and warmed up. Then we got dressed and went out looking for something to eat. We found the Black Bear Casino. The food was bad, but we had fun and forgot about the weather for a while.

Kathi had been dithering for a few days about what do about her mother, who had a breast biopsy scheduled for the next week on June 27th. Her mother was nervous and no one could calm her like Kathi. So, Kathi decided she needed to be in Deer Park, Texas for her mother. When we got home from the casino we determined a route to get from Lake Superior to Texas ASAP, planning to leave the next morning moving south through Iowa and Kansas and across Texas to the Houston area. We were going to leave the Great Lakes area without seeing a lake. That’s life.

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