Wednesday, August 26, 2015

South to Texas

On Tuesday June 21, 2005 we were in South Range, WI on the southwest tip of Lake Superior. Kathi's mother was going to have a biopsy the following Monday and Kathi decided she needed to be with her mother to support and calm her mother through the procedure. We changed our attitudes from being retired RV travelers viewing the states to rushing home to support the family. To us this meant driving until I was too tired to hold the RV on the road and find a place to stay near wherever we were. We talked to our son AJ in the evening and he was doing fine in San Francisco. He was still exploring and learning more about the city. We related our plan to return to Texas.

Our first stop was Grimes, Iowa, which was about 400 miles south of South Range. We checked into Cutty's RV Park which was very large and very crowded. It brought to mind the parks we had visited in Florida the previous year. We got set up and went out to eat dinner. We found a Red Lobster and the food was needed and delicious. We always enjoyed the chain restaurants where the menus and food are familiar. We got to bed early and prepared our mind for the trip the next day.

Next stop was the USI RV Park in Wichita, KS. Just under 400 miles had me worn out again. While looking for the RV park, we spotted an Outback steak house that sounded like a great place for dinner. We found they were not scheduled to open for a couple of hours and I could not wait to eat. Our second choice was Sonic. Kathi had a Sonic Burger with mustard and I had a foot long cheese coney with onions and a large order of onion rings. Just in case I got hungry later, I got a burger to go. We turned in early again and prepared our mind for another long day the next day.

The 23rd was on Thursday and we made about 375 miles, before I could not get the energy to go any further. We were now back in Texas and driving around the Freeways in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are always a headache for me. We spent the night at the Cowtown RV Park in Aledo, TX. This was a nice roomy park. We decided to eat in and had a light dinner before going to bed early again. Out youngest son, Christopher called from Iraq and told us he got moved from the night shift to the day shift. He was doing fine and liked working days much better.

Friday we took the short 300 mile trip from Aledo to the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX. I was glad the week of driving was over and we were ready to relax and make plans to see other family members.

The next morning we went to see Kathi's mother and her stepfather, Jim Hathaway. After talking for a while and catching up on current events, we took them out to Red Lobster for lunch. After lunch we were driving back home and Kathi told me she thought her mother was looking and acting older. On reflection, I agreed, but the thought had not occurred to me before she mentioned it.

We spent Sunday morning at a local laundromat to get all our clothes and bedding clean. After everything was folded and put away it was nap time for me. I was physically and mentally worn out from the rapid trip from Wisconsin to Texas. We made it to Texas in time for Kathi to be with her mother for the biopsy on Monday, which was what really mattered.

RV traveling is always nice, but family needs always take precedence over our traveling pleasure. We were glad to be near home base and ready for a few restful weeks, before our next excursion.

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