Sunday, August 30, 2015

Texas in July

Today I am continuing the Kathi and Arlon Boozer travel year of 2005. We left the Great Lakes area on Tuesday, June 21st and landed in Dickinson, TX on Thursday, June 24th. We were in the Houston area in plenty of time for us to visit her mother and step-father, prior to the breast biopsy procedure her mother had scheduled for Monday the 27th.

Kathi went with her mother for the outpatient procedure on Monday and the doctor told them he was sure the tumor was benign, but could not say conclusively until he had the lab results.

We pretty much returned to our regular routine for the Pasadena-Deer Park-La Porte area. We caught up on doctor visits and got our normal lecture about losing weight, less sugar in our diets and more exercise. After which we went to Las Hadas on Center Street in Deer Park for Mexican food. I parked in the back of the parking lot so we could get more exercise walking into the restaurant for lunch – no reason not to follow the doctor’s advice. We both went to the eye doctor and got new prescriptions for glasses.

We got a call from our youngest, Christopher from Iraq. He was doing fine and he told us his company commander had recommended him OCS and he was trying to decide if he was interested. We assured him it was his decision to make. He asked us to send him his transcripts for Deer Park High School, San Jacinto College and the University of Houston, so he would be prepared for an OCS interview while he was in Iraq.

On Thursday we went out to dinner with Kathi’s older brother Carl and his wife Cheryn. After dinner we went to their house and had a fun evening with a few adult beverages and a rousing game of dominoes. Life is good. Friday, the first of July, Kathi took her mother to the beauty shop and had a pleasant lunch afterward.

Here we were in Texas in July. One of the main reasons we decided to move into a motorhome was so we would be out of Texas in July and August – best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Sure enough it was getting hotter as each day passed.

We needed service on our motorhome so we drove over to the Freightliner shop on the loop to find out where to park if we stayed overnight on their lot, so we would be ready for service early one morning. Their parking lot was crowded and a lot of trucks moving around 24 hours a day.

We spent July 4th with Carl and Cheryn at their bay house in Bacliff. We had a small crowd and enjoyed watching the water from their back porch. There was a nice breeze that helped fight off the heat, but it was still more comfortable inside in the air conditioning.

Kathi had a nice visit and lunch with her good friend Linda, Moreau. Kathi’s mother’s biopsy results were good as expected. We got Christopher’s transcripts faxed to him. Our new and improved eye glasses arrived. We had seen doctors, friends and relatives and the world seemed okay. What was keeping us in Houston in July – nothing was holding us; so we started making a plan to get serviced at Freightliner and become RV travelers again. Hooray.

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