Friday, September 4, 2015

Current Events -- September, 4 2015

Today I am talking about current events. Kathi and I are still staying at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, Texas. We spend most of our weekdays in La Porte with Kathi's brother Larry Clark who is recovering from his treatment for acute myeloid leukemia. He was diagnosed just before and went into the hospital just after Thanksgiving in 2014.

He had the transplant about three months ago. He is still in remission and new blood is building up slowly. He still has few taste buds and no appetite, but eats what he can. A lot of Boost diet supplement is helping keep his energy up. He has some light headedness and alternates between walking slowly or using a walker, depending on how he feels at the moment.

Kathi and I take him to the hospital twice per week for blood tests and infusions. The other days of the week we stay with him in his home and I administer the magnesium-saline solution that he takes daily. His wife Andrea provides all the weekend support for him, but she has to work during the week.

Larry and Andrea are leaving town for a few days to go to Georgetown to visit her sister. They will be back in time for us to take him to the clinic next Thursday. More good news – their son Matthew and his girlfriend Kristine had a new baby boy day before yesterday. His name is Cash Phillip Clark and he came to us at 9 pounds 12 ounces. Kristine has a small frame and I am sure she is glad to carry the load in her arms instead of inside her. Matthew will bring Kristine and Cash home from the hospital tomorrow. Their daughters Lindsey and Austin will have a new diversion around the house.

While Larry and Andrea are out of town, I have a few chores I need to do around the motorhome. I had to remove the vent pane for our supplemental air conditioner when we had all the heavy rain and I need to re-install it and make sure it does not leak this time.

It is time for our annual registration for our RV and we needed to get an inspection prior to registration. We have some tires with cracks in them and we did not want to put the RV on the highway until we solved that problem. It probably would not have passed inspection anyway. We have one outside tire on the back that was original equipment in 2003 – well past replacement time. The others have been changed, but at different times. We went to La Porte Tire on Fairmont last week and ordered six new Michelin 275/80R 22.5/14 tires. The sales person at the store was very helpful exploring our options and getting the best price possible. It will be a few weeks before our tires arrive from Canada for installation.

It is only a few miles to the tire store, but I have not driven the RV in over nine months, so I will be glad to be on the road, even for a few miles. I may have to take the long way back home. I really enjoy driving our Alfa RV.
Cash Phillip Clark born September 2, 2015

Larry Clark at Methodist Hospital on September 3, 2015.

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