Sunday, September 27, 2015

I-80 across Wyoming

Today I am continuing our 2005 travel history on July 27th, which was a beautiful Wednesday morning. We departed The Greeley RV Park in Greeley, CO and moved north on US 85 to Cheyenne, WY, then turned west on I-80 through Laramie, Elk Mountain and Sinclair, before reaching the RV World Campground in Rawlins, WY. Daily rate at the park was $14 which was great for us.

We were back in the mountains with some of them being snow-capped -- great sights to see. We had really strong winds along I-80. Steady winds normally did not bother me driving the RV, but some of the gusts rocked us pretty good. I did not mind, other than it slowed us down a little. I normally drove slower in high winds, no matter which direction they came from, mostly because it made Kathi feel better. We ate in and rested after our travel day and enjoyed the evening watching TV.

Wyoming is pretty much open country. We saw almost nothing off the highway between Cheyenne and Laramie and no cell phone service outside the larger cities.

After we parked and got our utilities and internet set up we discovered my first Social Security check had been deposited in my bank account. I had retired from Shell Chemical Company the end of May 2003, just after my 60th birthday. We were both glad all the discussions with the Social Security Administration had been beneficial and efficient.

Thursday morning we drove around Rawlings. We saw a lot of old building and the majestic mountains in the background. Within a few hours we had seen what there was to see and were ready to move along.

We left Rawlins on Friday morning going further west on I-80. We passed some communities so small they did not even have a post office. Rock Springs was the largest and it was not much to see, passing through it in about a minute. In Purple Sage I asked Kathi to look for the purple sage, but we saw none. I am not even sure Wyoming was the setting for the Zane Grey story, “Riders of the Purple Sage.” I will have to read it again to be sure.

Another special drive through the mountains to the Fort Bridger RV Park in Fort Bridger, WY. We paid $10 per night for two nights, then planned to head into Nevada. The trip was only about 175 miles and uneventful. There was not much to see in Fort Bridger, and we saw most of it getting to the RV park, so we stayed in for the evening. Then it rained on Saturday, so we spent that day inside, also. I think Kathi was reserving her energy and our cash money for West Wendover, NV and their welcoming casinos at our next stop.

Rabbit hiding in bushes at RV park.

Not my picture, but nice barn with mountains in background.

Not my picture- Buffalo grazing with Grand Tetons in background.

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  1. I enjoyed that log. 20 years ago I would have loved to do it on horseback (no matter how long it took). Thanks for sharing, Arlon.