Monday, September 7, 2015

Past the Rainbow

Today I am returning to our 2005 Travel year. After two weeks of summer in Dickinson, TX we were ready to move along. We got up at 5 am on Friday, July 8th to make a service stop at Freightliner. They were very efficient. Their main business is trucks, but they have a technician that works on motorhomes. He was finished with his work by 10 am. Unfortunately the technician informed us our left rear inside tire was flat. On the good side, there was a truck tire shop within a few miles of the Freightliner location – how convenient for the truckers.

We dashed over to D. H. Tires on Lyons Avenue. It took me about half an hour to go the three miles, because I got lost. I do not spend much time in that part of town, but sometimes I get lost even when I know where I am going. Everything just looks different when I am driving the motorhome.  We were running Michelin XZE tires, and they did not have one, but they sold us a tire that was almost the same size. We would have to wait two days for the XZE and we were ready to move. The tread pattern was different, but I could not tell the difference driving.

Even with Freightliner and D.H. Tire delays, we checked into the Rainbow’s End RV Park in Livingston and got set up before 2 pm. We did not get far, but we were RV traveling. Rainbow’s End is an Escapees park and Escapees manage our mail, so while we were there we picked up our mail, to save the cost of shipping it to us later. There is a Walmart and a Catfish King in Livingston, where we like to have lunch There is not much else to do in Livingston, unless you like to fish and we do not, so we stayed a couple of more days and were ready to move again.

I still consider Nacogdoches my home town. I was born there and the family members we visited as I grew up lived there during my formative years. Mom and Dad lived in Pasadena and Galena Park through my junior high and high school years so we had made many trips between Houston and Nacogdoches on Highway 59. I will always have feelings for the east Texas area and that is the country we were traveling in as we left Livingston.

We took US 59 to Nacogdoches and switched to US 259 when 59 branched off to the east. We stayed on 259 through Henderson and into Kilgore. I remember all these little towns from the football games we went to when my cousin played in the Nacogdoches High School marching band. We ran our generator and basement air most of the day to supplement the truck air conditioner that is included in the Freightliner chassis. It was hot. We took Texas 135 out of Kilgore, then went through Gladewater and Gilmer, bypassing Longview, one of the larger towns in the area. We left Mt. Pleasant on I-30 east and stopped for the night in Paradise RV Park in Winfield. There was not much to see in East Texas during the summer months, but we enjoyed the small towns and country roads. We took some of the small hills fast enough to get a roller coaster effect, after which Kathi slowed me down again.

I have mentioned before when you hear words like resort, heaven and paradise in the name of RV parks, be wary. Paradise was a dump and Kathi marked it off her list for future reference. Too bad, because the area was nice, but still little to do for entertainment. We spent the next couple of days inside reading to avoid the heat, except for the laundry on Wednesday. Then we started planning out way out of town.

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