Friday, September 18, 2015

Then Eastern Colorado

Wednesday, July 20th of 2005 we awoke at the Lakeside RV Park in Assaria, KS, ready to move further north and west. We did not have a firm destination in mind, we were just RV travelers traveling. We were elated when we thought back about the new freedom we enjoyed compared to the years we were tied to jobs, schools, home ownership, child-rearing, property taxes, home repairs, etc. As RV travelers we were able to move at will and keep contact with family by phone.

Our son AJ was living independently in San Francisco, attending college and our youngest Christopher was in the Marines deployed to Iraq. AJ seemed to be having a good time living in San Francisco and that made us feel good also. We did have some concerns about Christopher in Iraq, but we tried not to dwell on it. As a father, I had confidence that he could take care of himself, but Kathi is his mother and like most mothers, her inclination was to be more protective of her sons. Additionally, Kathi’s mother was getting older and beginning to show signs of aging, so even though we felt free of movement we realized we had strong family ties that would hold us forever. That tempered our elation with a feeling of comfort.

We got up early and moved north on I-135 to Salina, KS, then east on I-70 toward Colorado. We crossed the KS-CO line and settled at the Shady Grove Campground in Seibert, CO. This was a long 325 mile trip on a hot summer day. We ran our generator so we could use our RV air conditioner while traveling. For our viewing pleasure we got to see corn fields, cattle herds, wheat fields and even several gorgeous sunflower fields on the trip. We loved it all, but the sunflowers added a lot of color to our trip and our lives. Even with the heat and the long day, the ride was exhilarating.

We stayed in for the evening, as we often do on travel days. We enjoyed relaxing, having a pre-prepared meal that only needed warming in the microwave and tv viewing to catch up on the news of the world.

It was over 100 degrees in July in eastern Colorado, so we did not spend much time outdoors.  We kept our shades down and fans going to supplement the basement air conditioner of our motorhome. We planned to stay for three days to rest and see the area and we were hoping our next stop would be a little cooler.

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