Monday, October 19, 2015

Our Life -- October 19, 2015

I am sorry I have not written a blog in a few days. It feels like a lot of turmoil going on in our family right now. I am not sure if my excuse is tiredness, laziness are if I am just down a little with all the sickness going around.

My brother-in-law, Larry Clark is still in remission from acute myeloid leukemia, but has had a problem with head congestion for about six weeks and still not eating enough to build up his strength. To make it worse, his wife, Andrea has the same problem with congestion and flu like symptoms, but like a trooper, she went to work every day anyway. Last night Larry started running a temperature and Andrea took him to the Methodist Hospital emergency room in the early morning hours today. Larry now has pneumonia and struggling to combat it with his weakened immune system.

Kathi’s stepfather, Jim Hathaway has been struggling with a pinched nerve in his hip. It has prevented him from walking and he has fallen several times. He is too heavy for the family to lift him and they called EMTs each time he fell. The last time, they took him to Patients Hospital in Pasadena and he was diagnosed with pneumonia and a urinary tract infection. He is 87 years old and moves very slowly on a good day. His daughter, Becky Boyd is spending time with him and helping supervise his care. The nurses at Patient’s Hospital are not nearly as proactive as we are used to seeing at Methodist.

Larry’s oldest son, Wesley has been having some heart issues and seeing doctors and going to hospitals for outpatient testing to determine the extent of his heart issues.

Kathi has been feeling poorly the last few days and has a stuffy head and chest congestion. She has been using Aleve to fight off the achiness and possible temperature rise. I took her to see Dr. Deepak Pattanaik in Pasadena this morning. She got two shots and two prescriptions and has spent the afternoon in bed. Kathi has been a lot of help to Larry and Andrea and always keeps the rest of the family informed about the current situation.

We stopped by Starbucks for hot chocolate and a croissant on the way home from the doctor’s office. This afternoon I am in charge of myself, which includes lunch preparation. Kathi took out a can of chicken noodle soup for herself and I ordered Domino’s pizza. She ate two pizza squares and the soup is on hold. I ate the rest of the pizza. I am not sure why Domino’s cuts their pizza in squares instead of slices like everyone else. The people at Domino’s do not know why either. I am prepared to heat the soup, if Kathi demands a hot meal. She always treats me better than this.

A couple of days ago we ate lunch at Bubba’s Seafood on I-45 south in League City. This Bubba’s location just opened a few weeks ago. It is located in the same building that used to be Sudie’s Catfish. We agreed that Bubba’s prices were too high and the food was not as good as some of the other seafood restaurants in the area. We had tried the Bubba’s location on the water in Bacliff a few years earlier and our thoughts about the food were the same as this trip to the new Bubba’s location. It will not be a restaurant we will frequent. Too bad.

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