Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Redwood City

Monday, August 8, 2005 we left Winnemucca behind and moved on to Reno – “the biggest little city in the world.” It was hot outside but the drive was nice and we stayed cool inside the motorhome, at least in the driver-passenger area. The back part of the RV was too warm for living. We parked at the Silver Sage RV Park and got set up. It was too hot to stay outside and the motorhome would take a couple of hours to cool, so we went downtown to the Silver Legacy Casino. We started off with a good meal in the buffet and spent the next few hours playing penny slot machines. It was cool and fun inside the casino.

Tuesday, we spent most of the day inside the Silver Legacy. We had the buffet again and it was great two days in a row – one of the better casino buffets and we always recommend it for travelers in the area. We spent the evening at home watching TV. We planned to move on to Redwood City, CA on Wednesday and we already had a spot reserved at Trailer Villa San Mateo, which is actually in Redwood City. Trailer Villa is a trailer park with a few spaces for RVs traveling through.

We had a beautiful drive from Reno to Redwood City. The drive across the Sierra-Nevada Mountains using the Donner Pass was better this time. The last time we went that direction I let my speed downhill get too fast and had trouble slowing down before we got to the bottom of the mountain. It scared me and petrified Kathi, so I was on my best driving behavior for this trip. We got our RV set up and took our car into San Francisco to pick up AJ. It was good to be with him and see him looking happy and fit. It was cool in the Bay Area and cold in the evenings -- a real change from the deserts of Nevada. After a few hours we returned AJ to his apartment and went home for the evening to get some rest.

The next day AJ rode the train from San Francisco to Redwood City and we picked him up at the train depot. We took him shopping to buy a few things he needed, mostly cleaning supplies. We also bought him a VCR/DVD player. After shopping we enjoyed lunch at Red Lobster. AJ and I had fried shrimp and Kathi had grilled trout. We enjoyed the lunch and conversation. We stayed home and did some housework on Friday.

Saturday we picked AJ up at his apartment and drove north of San Francisco to the Muir Woods National Monument. Muir Woods is in Marin County on Mt. Tamalpais and is a protected forest area. Driving through the wooded area was pleasant, but the main parking lot was full and we did not want to walk a mile for our afternoon pleasure, so we took a drive south on the Pacific Coast Highway. The cool weather in this area just makes everything else more pleasant. The drive along the Pacific Coast highway was spectacular, alternating between forest areas and outstanding seascapes. If I ever have to drive to work again, I want this to be my daily route. Kathi had packed a lunch for us, so we ate a picnic lunch at a pullover overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This never gets old.

Bank along Pacific Coast looking from the beach.

Kathi took a picture of AJ and me beside the ocean in San Francisco.

Beautiful view of the Pacific from the beach.

Waves hitting the rocks.

Sea Shore along Pacific Coast Highway.

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