Sunday, October 11, 2015

San Francisco with AJ

We were staying in the Trailer Villa in Redwood City on Monday, August 14, 2005 while we were in the Bay Area visiting our oldest son, AJ. We did our laundry on Monday and stayed in the Redwood City area. It was cool. This was the first time in months we enjoyed doing laundry, mostly because of the summer heat in the desert areas. When other parts of the country are basking in the sun during summer month, San Francisco temperature stays in the sixties. It is jacket weather almost every evening. There is some fog and many overcast days to contend with, but the sunny days are spectacular.

Now San Francisco does have some warmer weather. It might get into the seventies in September and October with mid-fifties in the evening. Most locals depend on public transportation and dress in layers of clothing when they are going to be away from home all day. AJ loved being in San Fran and the weather had a great deal to do with that choice.

We picked AJ up from his apartment on Tuesday morning and took him shopping for a couch and a rug. He moved into town with no furniture and we were slowly helping him furnish his apartment. He and Kathi made some good choices with furniture and arranged for delivery. Then we went touring. After looking for a couple of hours we were all hungry and agreed on Olive Garden for lunch. The San Francisco Olive Garden is in the Stonestown Mall near 20th Street. Some people refer to the mall as Stonestown Galleria. I am not sure what difference it makes what you call it, it is still just a shopping mall.

Wednesday Kathi arranged for someone to come to our RV and steam clean our carpets. That took a little over two hours. While the carpets were drying, Kathi and I went to find something to eat. Many of the restaurants in the area were located on US 101, so we drove south and found a Red Lobster in San Jose. Lunch was great as usual – we always enjoy Red Lobster. After lunch we took a southwesterly route to the coast and ended up in Santa Cruz. From there we decided to take Highway 1 – the Pacific Coast Highway back north and drive along the coast. We saw fields planted with strawberries and cabbage on the east side of the road and cliffs, ocean spray and rocks on the west side of the highway. What a great drive -- oohs and aahs all the way.

We pulled off the road several times to stop and watch the ocean banging against the rocks and cliffs. We took CA 92 back east at Half Moon Bay and made the loop back to Redwood City. This day still lingers in our memories of our many great California excursions.

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View from a pullout along highway 1

Pacific coast beach

Ocean spray from hitting rocks

View of coastline

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