Friday, October 2, 2015

Wendover and West Wendover

Sunday, July 31, 2005 we left the Fort Bridger RV Park in Fort Bridger, WY and moved south and west along I-80 headed for West Wendover, NV and the casinos therein. We went south through Evanston, WY before crossing into Utah. I-80 turned south at Echo, UT then through Coalville and Salt Lake City. It was a great drive across Utah with some snowcapped mountains and some steep climbs, but I did fine driving and the motorhome met all expectations. We have a 330 horsepower Caterpillar engine in our Alfa and it did fine. I was still learning the shifting patterns of the Allison 6-speed transmission. It was automatic, but did not shift gears when I wanted it to, so I shifted myself when climbing and going back down mountains.

After passing through SLC we drove along the southern edge of the Great Salt Lake and passed the Bonneville Salt Flats and into Wendover. Wendover and West Wendover are the same town with the same city officials. Wendover is in Utah and has no gambling. West Wendover, NV is just across the state line and has about six large casinos and a few smaller ones. We stayed at the RV park at the Wendover Nugget Casino. We were in Wendover in the RV park in Utah and walked about 100 yards to the casino in West Wendover, NV.

Kathi inquired about lottery in Utah and the store clerk thought she was loony, since they had no gambling in Utah. Guess whose cars were in the casino parking lots. Some governments are delusional, just like some people.

We spent a little time in the Wendover Nugget and had no luck at all. Within half an hour we moved from slot machines to video poker machines which were a little less expensive to lose money while playing and having a good time.

Monday we went to the Peppermill Casino to try our luck. We spent a good portion of the day staying mostly even with our money. The buffet was mediocre, at best. The best part was getting to eat in the casino atmosphere. When you enjoy food like I do that was not much consolation. It was a cool windy day and overcast, but no rain.

Tuesday we went to the Montego Bay Casino to try our luck. Notice we did not give up trying. Kathi hit four deuces playing video poker, which gave us enough money to play for a while. I like it when she shares with me. The win boosted our confidence and made us feel like winners on a streak, so we went to play other machines and lost it all almost as quickly as it arrived. I vote nay on short winning streaks. Kathi may reconsider sharing winnings in the future. The buffet at the Montego Bay was better, but too expensive for lunch. They had enough variety that I was able to get my fill.

Wednesday we stayed at home all day. Kathi made reservations for us in Redwood City, where we were headed in a few days. We spent the day with a little light house work, home cooked meals, reading and working puzzles.

We spent Thursday at the casino and used points on our player’s cards to pay for lunch and dinner. No winnings to speak of, but another fun day with my best friend.

Our bedroom in the Alfa RV

Clouds hugging mountains in Utah

Our flag at Layton Mall in Utah

Snow capped mountains in Layton, UT.

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