Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wine and Sequoias

Kathi and I are still at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX. We have been here since just before Thanksgiving last year. We still have a few commitments here, so will be here for a while longer. We may take a week off to go to see Dick Albritton in Choudrant, LA to get some RV repair work done in the next couple of months. We are still awaiting arrival of our new Michelin tires at The La Porte Tire Center. We have been waiting for two months, so far.

Meanwhile, I will get back to our 2005 travel story. In my post ten days ago, I left off on August 18, 2005, with Kathi and me visiting our son, AJ in San Francisco and seeing Alcatraz and Fisherman’s Wharf. We were going to be in San Francisco until the end of August, so we still had more things to see.

We spent Friday at home and got a call from our youngest son, Christopher who was deployed in Iraq with the Marines. He told us he had only five or six weeks left on this tour before he would return home. We were anxious to get him back in the USA in a safer environment and looking forward to seeing him.

On Monday, August 22 we picked AJ up at his apartment and drove to Napa and Sonoma to see the vineyards. The vines were full of grapes. We could not see the actual grapes driving by the vineyards. We had to stop and get out so we could peek underneath the leaves of the grape vines. Grapes were in big bunches, so we assumed it was going to be a good year for wine. It was a little warmer than usual, but a beautiful sun-shiny day.

We drove back into the city and were looking for a place we could all agree on for lunch. We finally stopped at a Mexican food restaurant in Pacifica and the food was really bad. Mexican food is just so much better in Texas. None the less, it was a fun day together and we got the opportunity to see some new things in the process.

Friday, we drove back into San Francisco to see the new furniture in AJ’s apartment. It filled up the rooms, but it all looked very nice. He and his mom made some good choices. We went to Olive Garden for lunch. It was another nice afternoon together.

Monday I spent preparing our motorhome for travel. Tuesday night AJ rode the Cal Train to Redwood City to spent the night with us, so we could travel together to see Sequoia National Park the next day. We moved to the Visalia South/Fresno KOA in Visalia, CA on Wednesday and got set up in the RV park. That park is near Sequoia and a good home base to park and drive to see the big trees. We had a good day Thursday looking at the big sequoia trees. I had some great pictures, but lost my camera on the trail to see the General Sherman tree. I really regret losing the camera, but losing the pictures was worse. We had a great afternoon and really enjoyed the open air, even if it was warmer then San Francisco.

We put AJ on a Greyhound bus back to his apartment and San Francisco on Friday. It was time for us to move along to see the Marines and time to let AJ get his life back to normal.

Grape vines on the hillside

Grape vines beside the road

Vineyard on the hill as seen through the windshield.

AJ sitting outside the restaurant

More grape vines

You can actually see the grapes at the bottom of these vines.

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