Sunday, October 4, 2015

Winnemucca, Nevada

Today I am writing a continuation of our 2005 travel adventures, picking up on August 5th. We were in the Wendover Nugget RV Park in Wendover, UT and were moving toward California to see both sons. The next stop on the trek was Winnemucca, NV. The trip was about 235 miles and I anticipated a 4-5 hour drive. We took I-80 west and passed through several small roadside communities, including Wells, Halleck, Battle Mountain, Valmy and Golconda before getting to Winnemucca. While in route, Kathi made reservations at the Winnemucca RV Park.

It was August in the desert and it was hot. Our vehicle air conditioner and two fans were going and I was still sweating driving down the highway. I fought overheating the engine on the motorhome climbing every mountain. There were no snow-capped peaks in the distance on this day. Climbing up the mountains I kept slowing and downshifting to keep our engine RPMs up to cool the engine as much as possible. On long grades we had to pull off the road before reaching the top to let the engine cool. We discussed unhooking our tow vehicle and letting Kathi follow me to ease the strain on the Caterpillar engine, but we decided we had no need to hurry, so we parked and idled at 20,000 RPMs several times during the trip.

After arrival at our destination, we got set up in the RV park and had lunch at the Taco Bell inside the Model T Casino. We tried slot machines for a little while, but soon agreed we were too tired to have a good time, so we went home for the evening.

We spent the next couple of days trying out other casinos in Winnemucca and hit a few small jackpots to keep us interested, but no notable winnings. The casinos were warm and we felt cooler in our RV in the afternoons. We did our laundry on Thursday and it was so hot, Kathi got sick at her stomach. When we got home we decided not to spend next summer in the desert, thinking Montana and the mountains might be better. We knew we would be cooler in the Bay Area the following week when we went to see AJ in San Francisco. Knowing we had just one more stop in Reno before the Bay Area made us feel cooler.

Winnemucca as seen from a mountain to the south.

Antennae serving the Winnemucca area.

More antennae and dishes serving Winemucca.

A winding road up the mountain.

Desolation around Winnemucca. a few houses are at center fight.

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